“SyncUP TRACKER" From T-Mobile Is Here To Locate Your Lost Items

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There is now another smart tracker on the market. This one is from T-Mobile and it is called the “SyncUP TRACKER.” The company announced it on April 28, 2021. The start of the press release has an interesting fact at the beginning. It says that the average American spends 2.5 days a year looking for lost items. Apparently, this cost U.S. households $2.7 billion annually in replacement tools. The more you know.

The new tracker will be available next week on May 7 and will work on both Android and iOS devices. It makes sense for the company to release a smart tracker of its own. They are adding a new device for customers to get in one stop. Customer can get their smartphones, accessories, and now a device to help find their lost accessories.

Matt Staneff who is the Chief Marketing Officer for T-Mobile gave a little explanation on how the device will bring peace of mind to customers. He says “SyncUP TRACKER” brings peace of mind to customer’s most prized possessions and valuables, which is why we’re putting the power of our network behind it. From families to cars to now things, T-Mobile’s network is connecting just about anything – because it has the power and reliability customers can depend on.”


Now, the SyncUP TRACKER does have a huge advantage over other trackers. Where those only rely on Bluetooth, the SyncUP TRACKER can use T-Mobile’s network. Thanks to this the SyncUP TRACKER can provide real-time tracking on your lost devices.

SyncUP TRACKER from T-Mobile will help find lost items

Another advantage it offers is that it does not need to be within the range of your smartphone to work. This tracker can run independently of your smartphone which is good. If you were to leave your backpack in the library you could still locate it once you got home.

The full feature list for the new tracker is pretty nice. It offers location tracking, of course, virtual boundaries to let you know when the tracker leaves a selected area. Users will also be able to make it ring when they cannot find it.


There are customizable profiles and a light sensor to detect changes in light. The light sensor is an optional feature. It also has an IP67 rating to protect against dust, water, and drops. And last but not least a rechargeable 900mAh battery that lasts up to seven days.

Consumers who are interested in this can visit their local T-Mobile store or call 1-800-T-Mobile to purchase one. Users who do purchase the tracker will have the choice of paying $2.50 a month. The full retail price is $60.

But you will have to pay for a data plan for the tracker. You can get data for $5 a month with AutoPay.