Stadia Is Getting Heaps Of Indie Games Through The Makers Program

Stadia 1

Today Stadia has announced that more indie games are on the way to the platform through its Stadia Makers program. Stadia is already home to a wealth of indie titles, but the Makers program is set to add a whole lot more throughout the year.

The Stadia Makers Program is at its core a way for Google and its partner, Unity, to lend a helping hand of support to smaller independent studios. This wave of incoming games is the latest set of efforts.

Some of the games will be landing in the very near future. While others are simply labeled as “coming soon.” Which could mean that they’re slated for a release sometime this Summer or just at some point later this year.


The next indie title coming from Stadia Makers is The Darkside Detective

Kicking off the new set of Makers indie games is The Darkside Detective: A Fumble In The Dark. This is a point and click adventure game with puzzles and mysteries to solve. You play as a detective (as the name suggests) that will need to solve the mystery of a series of different paranormal cases that you’ve been assigned to.

The game is set for release on Stadia on April 15. So the wait isn’t very long for this one. Following up about a month later will be Hundred Days – Winemaking Simulator, which is due out on May 13.

If you’ve always dreamed of owning your own winery, well now you have the chance through this game. You’ll have a ton of different options at your disposal from naming your wines to picking which types of wine you want to grow. If simulator/management games are your thing this should be a fun one to dive into.


Two more games are landing by the Fall

In addition to the game listed above, there are eight more titles to look forward to. Two of them have an official release window.

The first one is called Forclosed and is set to release sometime in the Summer. The other title is called Figment 2: Creed Valley and is supposed to be launching in the Fall. All six other titles are “coming soon,” so they could launch anytime in between now and the Fall release. Or even later in the year.

The six remaining games that were announced today are GRIME, She Dreams Elsewhere, Merek’s Market, Death Carnival, Jay And Silent Bob: Chromic Blunt Punch, and Skyclimbers. You can view trailers for most of those games in Google’s official Stadia blog post.