Now You Have One More Reason To Never Close Facebook

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Facebook is pushing out a new tool for users today, with the arrival of a news feed-based Spotify miniplayer. For users who subscribe to Spotify and already spend a considerable amount of time on Facebook, spending even more time scrolling through your news feed is even easier to do thanks to the miniplayer.

The feature is the culmination of a deal between the two companies. A years-long partnership already offered things like the ability to easily share your favorite tracks or playlists. Which your friends and followers could interact with to play them. Without this integration though you would have to keep the Spotify app open. Now, you don’t have to.

Meaning if you prefer to keep Facebook open at all times, you can have one less tab running if you also like to listen to music throughout the day.


The Spotify miniplayer on Facebook supports music and podcasts

Whether you fancy music from your favorite artists or you like listening to podcasts, the new miniplayer lets you access both. You do have to be a Spotify Premium users to access the feature though.

As it’s not available to Spotify basic users.  The feature provides full playback just like you’d get in the Spotify app or on the Spotify web player. However playback can only be accessed by tapping the play button on a track or podcast episode that someone in your news feed has shared.

If you simply want to start playback without seeing a shared post, you’ll have to do so one of two ways. Share your own post, or just start playback from Spotify.


The feature is only available through the Facebook app on mobile

Right now the miniplayer isn’t available on the Facebook website. And Spotify doesn’t mention whether or not it will be at any point. This seems to be specifically targeted at mobile users.

And it kind of makes sense given how much time people spend on Facebook through the mobile app. It’s also available for both Android and iOS users. Spotify says it’s pushing the integration out to various regions, including the US, Canada, Mexico, UK, Argentina, Brazil, Indonesia, Japan, Thailand and many others. It is not however available everywhere yet.

If it is available for you, music will continue playing as you scroll. With controls accessible at the bottom of the UI just above the navigation bar. So it’s always in view and you can pause the music or play it without ever leaving the app.