Spotify Has A Podcast Subscription Feature Coming For Creators

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According to Android Police, Spotify’s Apple Podcasts rival will actually be better for creators. This week Apple introduced its Podcasts Subscription model. As usual, since it is an Apple first-party service it is exclusive to the company’s platforms. The new Podcasts Subscriptions will allow creators to charge listeners a monthly fee for access to some or all of their content.

However, Spotify has a rival in the works and according to The Wall Street Journal, it may be better than Apple’s implementation. You see, Spotify will not take a cut from what the content creators make. That is a pretty radical way of doing business, but that could help Spotify.

Spotify is eyeing to offer its own take on podcast subscriptions next week. Apple as many may know, takes a fee of 15-30% from creators who use the App store to conduct digital transactions. This includes in-app purchases, subscriptions, etc. The company also takes a yearly fee.


Spotify’s Apple Podcasts rival will not charge creators any fees

However, Spotify is saying it will not charge creators anything if they want to implement subscriptions. Of course, nobody knows if it will stay this way. But, starting out of the gate like this will surely attract many creators.

Spotify already has a large audience and a lot of them subscribe to the Premium plan already. The premium plan offers exclusive podcast content plus music. As a result, it would not be out of the ordinary for the new service to attract more creators compared to Apple.

The podcast market is heating up and becoming more diverse. Podcasts by nature were free for the longest time, but thanks mostly to Spotify making exclusive deals that have changed. Now that podcasts are becoming more important, the fact that they are becoming paid for could fracture the market.


With exclusives, users may find themselves having to subscribe to multiple services just to hear their favorite content. Spotify has had its hand in a lot of things lately. The company has a Clubhouse competitor on the way, they revamped the web layout recently, and more.

Spotify has been around for a while, and because of that, it has a large audience. By the company announcing that it will not charge creators a fee, Apple’s Podcasts subscriptions could be in trouble. App makers are already angry that they have to pay Apple and Google fees for their in-app purchases and whatnot. It is safe to reason that podcasters will not want to do the same.