Never Lose Track Of Your Favorite Music With Spotify's New Library

Spotify AH NS 08

Spotify today has pushed out a library redesign that helps you keep track of your favorite music. Specifically any music or podcasts that you’ve downloaded.

The Your Library feature itself is not new, but it has been revamped as part of today’s update. And the new design is aimed at faster, more convenient searches of downloaded content. Spotify acknowledges that it has a lot of content to sift through.

And it knows that some users may have trouble finding things from time to time. With that in mind, the company set out to create a more effective way to find saved content. And it thinks the new Your Library will accomplish this goal.


The Spotify Your Library redesign allows for more streamlined exploration

The streamlining here is deceptively simple, but it works all the same. All Spotify had to do was lump music and podcasts you saved to your library into one spot. And in doing so it makes things much easier to explore since you don’t have to travel between different menus and screens.

Now when users want to browse through this content, all of it can be found in one place. Which should amount to less time browsing and more time listening. Though this probably depends on whether or not you like this new look of things.

Your Library also now includes improved organization. With three new sorting options to filter stuff out. With the new sorting options, you can split content up by recently played tracks, creator names, or in alphabetical order. Just in case you really love to search for things this way.


There’s also the new grid view. So you don’t have to worry about super tiny pictures when browsing songs. Now you get nice, big tile cover art for all your stuff.

Try out the new dynamic filters

Spotify added some new dynamic filters to the lists with this update. Which lets users browse by artist, album, playlist, or podcast.

When you tap one of these filters, any content which fits into that category will stay behind while everything else gets sifted out. Another big help for keeping things organized when you’re looking for something to listen to.


You can even download the filter so you get to keep this useful sorting for offline use. The update to the Spotify app should be live for everyone both on Android and iOS devices. if you’re not seeing it yet then give it some time to arrive throughout the day.