Sony Is Breaking Sales Records With Its PS5 Console

Sony PS5 1

The PS5 has been notoriously hard to get a hold of since the console’s launch, but that hasn’t stopped sales in the US from skyrocketing.

Sony seems to have had no trouble at all selling enough consoles to break US sales records. A detail that may just baffle some due to the challenge of actually being able to buy one. Of course not being able to buy a PS5 doesn’t translate to Sony not making sales.

While people have certainly had trouble landing a purchase before they go out of stock, Sony is still selling PS5 units. Some people are lucky enough to snag one. But a large amount of inventory has also been scooped up by scalpers using bot programs. Beating buyers to the punch before they can finalize checkout.


The details of Sony’s PS5 success were share by NPD Analyst Mat Piscatella on Twitter. Who also note that both the PS5 and Xbox Series X unit sales “lean heavily towards the disc versions.”

Sony’s PS5 sales are so good that it’s the fastest selling console in US history

NPD isn’t giving out exact sales numbers. Which isn’t exactly a surprise because it usually doesn’t share that sort of information. But, according to Piscatella the PS5 is the fastest selling console in US history.

Beating out other top-selling consoles. This includes Sony’s own PS2 and PS4. Both of which were monumental successes for the company. This is all despite that Sony is still facing shortages on stock. Due heavily to the chip shortages that have caused stock issues across much of the tech industry.


What’s more, is that the PS5 is not just the fastest selling console in US history. But the fastest selling in both unit sales and dollar sales. And it’s only been available in the US for about five months.


Sony has sold millions of PS5’s since launch

NPD may not share exact sales numbers, but Sony has already shed some light on that particular detail. Back in February Sony highlighted in an earnings report that its PlayStation division had its best fiscal quarter ever.


The company also detailed that it had sold around 4.5 million PS5 console units within its launch period. In the time since then Sony has sold plenty more of the console. So while it’s unclear how many millions Sony has sold to date, there is at least a baseline to go off of.

It also wouldn’t be too far off to suspect that there has been at least one million additional consoles sold between Sony’s report back in February and now.