Sony May Be Working On An Xbox Game Pass Competitor For PlayStation

Playstation AH NS 05

Sony is said to be working on a competitor to Xbox Game Pass for its PlayStation platform. According to a new report from Videogames Chronicle, citing former PlayStation Senior Developer David Jaffe.

Jaffe has reportedly spoken with sources inside of PlayStation that state the company has a plan to respond to Microsoft’s wildly popular service. Even though a PlayStation competitor to Xbox Game Pass was previously thought to be out of the question, that may not be the case.

Or perhaps the decisions have changed. Sony’s prior stance on a PlayStation service similar to the Xbox Game Pass model has been that it “wouldn’t be sustainable.” Due in large part to the massive budgets that some of its first-party titles end up with.


A PlayStation Game Pass competitor is in the works

According to Jaffe’s sources, a response to Xbox Game Pass is in the works at PlayStation. But it may not be what people are expecting. PlayStation boss Jim Ryan has stated before that a similar service wouldn’t work. But he has also stated that the company has something to respond with.

Noting that the company has news to share, just not at this time. Statements from Jaffe in a podcast he held on April 7 back this up. As Jaffe notes that he knows Sony is working on something because he knows people at PlayStation who have told him Sony is working on something.

That however is where the details more or less end. Nobody at Sony has shared any official details about what’s coming. Just that something is on the way.


Should PlayStation fans be excited?

Right now it’s tough to say whether or not fans of the platform should be excited. The notion that Sony is working on a response to Game Pass is good news in and of itself.

But with next to no information about what that service looks like or what it will offer, fans may only get their hopes up dreaming about how good Sony’s response will be. Xbox Game Pass is an extremely compelling service that offers a ton of value to those that subscribe to it.

So whatever Sony’s response will be will have to have a lot of value as well if Sony wants it to compete. Sony already has PlayStation Now, which offers a growing library of over 700 titles from PS2, PS3, and PS4. Players can stream these titles on PS4 and PS5, or on PC. While a smaller group of those titles can be installed on consoles.


But PlayStation Now is nowhere near a competitor to Game Pass. The latter allows subscribers to not only access a wide array of backwards compatible titles, but also new first-party releases. Many of them day and date with their console launches. On top of that, some of those titles can also be streamed via the cloud on Android devices.

Whatever Sony is cooking up will have to be along those lines if it wants its response to be a proper response that compels users to subscribe.