Sony Is Keeping The PlayStation Store Open For PS3 & PS Vita

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Earlier this year Sony had confirmed that it was cutting off the PlayStation Store for both the PS3 and the PS Vita. A concerted effort that would allow it more room to focus on the PS5 and PS4. But the company seems to have changed its tune. Because today it announced that it would be leaving the stores up and operational.

It does however still plan to shutter the store for the PSP. Meaning you will no longer be able to buy digital content on that particular handheld.

News of the PlayStation Store shutdown for the PS Vita and the PS3 wasn’t met with the best responses from consumers. While neither console is still in production, there are still plenty of people who own them and use them. And despite its lack of sales, the PS Vita is still hailed by many who purchased one as their favorite handheld.


It wasn’t just consumers who were surprised by Sony’s decisions though. Some developers for PS Vita games said they weren’t even aware the shutdown was happening until the news was made public.

Sony says it made the wrong decision to close the PS Vita PlayStation Store

It’s clear that Sony’s plans to close down the store on two of its older consoles were not favored by users. And Sony has acknowledged this.

Sony Interactive Entertainment President and CEO Jim Ryan says that “it’s clear they made the wrong decision.” And so the company has decided to continue operations for both systems. PSP PlayStation Store operations will continue to cease as planned on July 2 of this year.


For owners of the PS3 and PS Vita, since the stores will remain in operation purchases can continue to be made for digital games. Though that doesn’t necessarily mean new releases.

Sony wanted to focus more of its resources on newer devices

From a business standpoint, it made sense that Sony would want to wind things down for the PS3 and PS Vita. These are older systems. And the majority of Sony’s PlayStation users are likely on PS4 and PS5.

Though not the only reason, directing more of Sony’s resources to these two newer systems was a factor in the company initially deciding to close operations for its older ones. Thankfully for the players, Sony has reversed its decision to take things offline.


Having said that, Sony will still end up shutting things down some day. Ryan says that the store will stay open for the PS3 and the PS Vita “for the foreseeable future.” That also indicates though that Sony will probably revisit the idea someday. For now, it’s business as usual.