PlayStation Now Just Got A Big Quality Of Life Improvement

PlayStation Now

For the longest time, PlayStation Now has been limited to 720p resolution for streaming, with no option for 1080p in sight. Well it seems that changes today because Sony has finally pushed a big quality of life update to PlayStation Now.

Fans who subscribe to the service can finally stream games in 1080p. It was already possible to install games from PlayStation Now onto your PS4 in 1080p resolution. But Sony has only ever offered 720p for the streaming option.

Is this part of Sony’s answer to competing with Microsoft and Xbox Game Pass? Who knows. But Game Pass lets you stream games in 1080p. Which means Sony did have some catching up to do. And this seems to be a step in that direction.


Support for 1080p streaming is rolling out to PlayStation Now this week

Sony says the support is going to begin rolling out this week. Which could mean users are starting to see it as of today. There’s only a few days left in this week after all.

Support will continue to roll out over the “next several weeks” according to Sony’s twitter post on the official PlayStation Now Twitter page. So that confirms that not everyone will get access to 1080p capable games right away.

Sony also notes that support will be hitting the US, Canada, Europe, and Japan where PlayStation Now is available. So if you subscribe to the service in one of those regions, then you should expect to see 1080p games in the near future if you don’t already.


The service still needs other improvements

1080p streams is a great addition especially for those who access PlayStation Now from devices connected to larger displays. Like the PS4, PS5, or PCs.

But the service still has a way’s to go before it really is able to compete with the other similar services out there. Xbox Game Pass, Stadia, GeForce NOW, and Shadow all offer superior cloud gaming options. Mostly because they all allow for the capability to play a variety of new games mixed in with old ones.

But also just because they’re available on a wider set of devices. If Sony were to implement similar features, then it could bring PlayStation Now back to a more competitive state. Perhaps merging it with PlayStation Plus and then charging $15 a month could do the trick. Similar to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.


Or Sony could just offer more games. All that aside, if you’ve been enjoying PlayStation Now, games will soon look better thanks to the resolution uptick.