Sony Shows Love To The PlayStation App With A Few New Features

Sony PlayStation App

This week Sony pushed out a big update to the PS5 and alongside it, it also updated the PlayStation app, re-introducing the wishlist.

The update to the app includes a couple of other features too. And Sony is promising more features are on the way. Oddly enough, the wishlist was available within the new PlayStation app from the moment the redesign went live. But sometime between then and now Sony pulled it.

As of this week’s update the wishlist has now returned to the PlayStation app. So now you can save games you may want to try even if you aren’t on the website or on your console. This update isn’t just about the wishlist though. And to be quite honest there’s a lot more to be excited about.


The PlayStation app wishlist is just the tip of the iceberg

The wishlist is a big return. And one that probably should have never left the app in the first place. Regardless of that this update introduces two other features for users.

One of those is the ability for the app to notify you when your friends come online. This should be pretty useful for those who may be waiting for friends to jump online. Say you’re all planning to game together for a couple hours one night and you’re the first one on. Now you won’t have to sit in front of the console while you wait just to see when everyone is ready.

Instead you can take care of a few things around the house that you may be meaning to do. In addition to friend alerts, the app also now lets you change your online status. If for any reason you want to hide whether or not you’re online.


Soon you can join multiplayer PS5 game sessions from the app

Sony really wants to make it as easy as possible to join in-game sessions with friends. So to help with that it’s adding the capability to join multiplayer game sessions on the PS5 from the app.

This is one of the features that will be added in the coming weeks. So it’s not something that’s available right now. Sony is also adding the ability to compare trophies and keep track of as well as manage your console’s storage. It’s already possible to download games to your console from the app.

But that poses a problem if there’s no more space left. Or not enough space. Going forward you’ll be able to delete games to make room for new ones. All from your phone. The update for the app launched earlier this week, so all users should have it by now.