Samsung May Stop Making Exynos Galaxy S20 FE Handsets Altogether

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Samsung may be planning to stop making Exynos Galaxy S20 FE handsets completely. This information comes from a well-known tipster, Ice Universe.

He claims that the Snapdragon 865+ variant of the Galaxy S20 FE is coming, and that it will mean the end of production for the Exynos 990 variant of the phone. That is kind of unexpected.

Samsung may stop producing Exynos Galaxy S20 FE variant completely

Several reports confirmed that the 4G Snapdragon 865 variant of the Galaxy S20 FE is coming. The end of the Exynos 990 model wasn’t expected, though. Also, it seems like the Snapdragon 865+ will be included, not the regular SoC model.


The Snapdragon 865-powered Galaxy S20 FE did surface in several benchmarks, while several sources reported that it’s coming, so that much is certain. It will be interesting to see what will Samsung’s move with the Exynos 990 will be.

The Exynos 990 is Samsung’s very own processor after all, so a decision to stop making that variant of the phone is rather interesting, to say the least.

The Snapdragon 865(+) is a superior SoC, so… consumers probably won’t mind

Consumers won’t mind, though. The difference between the Snapdragon 865(+) and the Exynos 990 is quite noticeable. Samsung did do a much better job with the Exynos 1020, but the Exynos 990 is not on the same level as Snapdragon’s SoC from the same generation.


There is a noticeable difference in performance, battery life, and even camera support / quality between them. Once this Galaxy S20 FE variant arrives, you’ll be able to choose between the 4G and 5G Galaxy S20 FE variants with the Snapdragon 865(+) on the inside.

This upcoming model of the phone will be almost identical to the existing one, by the way. We’re not expecting any differences when it comes to the design, or anything of the sort. The specs will also remain unchanged, most probably. The device is expected to arrive soon, but we don’t know when exactly.