Samsung's SmartTag+ Is Finally On Its Way & Will Arrive April 12

galaxy smarttags automation

When the Galaxy S21 launch event happened Samsung also revealed the SmartTag and SmartTag+ devices. Now Samsung’s SmartTag+ is on its way after being relegated to a “later this year” release according to Droid-Life.

The base SmartTag features Bluetooth which it uses to track the location of objects like luggage and keys. This device is a good purchase for anyone who constantly loses things. Purchasing the SmartTag won’t break the bank either since it only costs $30.

Now the Samsung’s SmartTag+ will cost $40, but what does offer over the base SmartTag? Well firstly, the plus version will have UWB in addition to Bluetooth to help locate lost items. UWB gives the SmartTag+ the ability to locate items with more precision.


That is a nice improvement, but it gets better. For users who are more visual, the SmartTag+ has a nifty feature to help you find your lost items. The upgraded model can also connect to the SmartThings app to activate an AR mode. The AR mode will point you in the proper direction of what you are searching for.

Samsung’s SmartTag+ model is now available for pre-order

The new model was spotted cruising through the FCC. Also, B&H is listing it for $39.99 for pre-order. The device will begin shipping on April 12 which is right around the corner. The version up for pre-order is the black version currently, but it looks like a blue version will be up for pre-order soon too.

Both the SmartTag and SmartTag+ will be programmable to perform smart home tasks as well thanks to their built-in buttons. The journey of the SmartTag+ release has been going on for about as long as the first Galaxy S21 release date rumors.

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Back near the end of 2020, the SmartTag family was rumored to launch alongside the Galaxy S21 lineup at Samsung’s January Unpacked event. That is exactly what did happen. But, buyers with interest in the SmartTag+ model have to be patient.

Now that wait is almost over. Soon users will be able to get their hands on the more advanced version to help them find their misplaced possessions. Although, the way the world is now most misplaced items are probably lost in users’ couches, or under the bed.

However, once the world opens up and travel becomes a part of normal life again these tags will be very useful. Until then it will be easier to try and remember where we “lost” our car keys.