Samsung Patents Galaxy Z Flip Phone Design With New Features

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip AM AH 1

Samsung has obtained a patent for a Galaxy Z Flip smartphone model, which boasts an in-display fingerprint sensor and has a dual punch-hole camera. You can fold the model in two directions.

In its attempt to roll out more foldable devices in the market, Samsung has been putting various foldable designs to test. If a recently surfaced report from LetsGoDigital is anything to go by, the South Korean tech giant has already patented the Galaxy Z Flip smartphone design.

The tech blog cites a new patent from Samsung to claim that the popular handset maker is hard at work making a Galaxy Z Flip-type smartphone. You can fold the device inwards, as well as outwards. This eliminates the need for a massive cover display.


Samsung Galaxy Z Flip folds in both directions

The patent, which was applied in October 2020, hints at a clamshell phone. The device features an elongated display that bears resemblance to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.

The phone’s unique ability to fold in both directions can be attributed to a redesigned hinge. In the folded form, the phone’s flexible screen is safe from external influences.

When folded the other way, the device gives access to a big screen on the front and rear. The phone is usable in a fully open position, which enables you to take advantage of the entire flexible screen.


New Patent reveals more new features

Upfront, there’s a dual punch-hole camera. Citing safety concerns, Samsung eliminated the flash from the device. The company decided to illuminate the display to compensate for the lack of a flash.

The double punch-hole camera will come in handy for capturing pictures and shooting videos. Meanwhile, the top part of the screen continues to serve as a viewfinder, and the bottom portion acts as a flash.

Moreover, the phone features an in-display fingerprint sensor. If this proves to be true, it will be the first time for a phone with a foldable screen. There is no foldable phone that features an under-display fingerprint scanner at the moment.


It is worth mentioning here that the patent is from Samsung. There is a chance that the tech behemoth may not launch such a device anytime soon.

However, the company is gearing up to bring a slew of foldable smartphones such as the Z Fold 3, Z Flip 3, Z Flip (5G). These phones are slated to hit the store shelves later this year.