Samsung Remains Number One Smartphone OEM, Huawei Out Of Top 5

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Samsung has retained its place as the number one smartphone OEM in the world, while Huawei is no longer in the top 5. This information comes from Strategy Analytics’ latest report, which covers the first quarter of the year.

The source does note that the numbers shared in this report are preliminary, and may be subject to minor adjustments. Having said that, what is most notable in the report, is the fact that Huawei is no longer amongst the top 5 smartphone OEMs in the world.

Samsung is the number one smartphone OEM, while Huawei is no longer in the top 5

Samsung is the number one company on the list, and is followed by Apple, Xiaomi, OPPO, and Vivo. Based on the report Samsung is currently holding a 23-percent of the market, followed by Apple’s 17-percent. Xiaomi has 15-percent, while OPPO and Vivo both hold 11-percent.


Samsung managed to sell 77 million smartphones in the first quarter of the year, which means it sold 19 million more than a year ago. Apple sold 57 million, Xiaomi 49 million, OPPO 38 million, and Vivo 37 million smartphones.

In terms of YoY (Year-over-Year) growth, Vivo is leading the pack with 85-percent. Xiaomi is second-placed with 89-percent, and is followed by OPPO’s 68-percent growth. Apple grew by 44-percent YoY in Q1 2021, while Samsung marked a 32-percent growth in that same period.

340 million smartphones got sold in Q1 2021, worldwide

Globally, 340 million smartphones got sold in Q1 2021, claims Strategy Analytics. That represents the highest growth since 2015, we’re looking at a 24-percent growth YoY.


Needless to say, Chinese smartphone OEMs marked the highest growth YoY. Xiaomi, Vivo, and OPPO grew tremendously, and that trend is set to continue, it seems. Huawei keeps on dropping spots due to the US ban, and others are reaping the benefits.

It remains to be seen what will this list look like at the end of the year, but chances are the places won’t change much. Samsung is looking to stay where it is at the moment, unless some major changes don’t occur by the end of 2021.

Strategy Analytics smartphone sales Q1 2021