Samsung Invests Over $40 Million Into R&D Projects

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Samsung has invested over $40 million into various R&D projects, reports Korea Times. To be more accurate, Samsung invested 46 billion won into these R&D projects, which translates to approximately $41 million.

Samsung invests over $40 million into 27 individual R&D projects

The company invested in 27 individual initiatives from three South Korean universities. These R&D projects cover IT, basic science, and material engineering. Samsung is trying to be one step ahead of the competition.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) remains Samsung’s big priority when it comes to R&D, of course. Part of this funding will also go towards scientific pursuits involving DNA sequencing, which is quite interesting.


The Seoul National University will get a piece of the funding to push forward machine learning. The university will try to develop new models for study and a number of real-world applications.

The Pohang University of Science and Technology is also included in Samsung’s investment. The company aims to invest in molecular chemistry in order to improve material conversion efficiency. That should, in the end, boost manufacturing techniques.

The Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology is the last recipient of Samsung’s funding. It is supposed to help the university in its work in a nascent field of quantum light sourcing.


Researching quantum light sourcing is one of Samsung’s goals

Quantum light sourcing tech can withstand extremely low temperatures, and also has some developing applications in cryptography. So, it’s no wonder Samsung is trying to push the tech forward.

Samsung will release the whole $41 million investment over the course of this quarter (Q2 2021). Fun fact, once the company does that, it’ll come to a truly high number when it comes to R&D investments.

The company invested over $1.3 billion into R&D over the course of the last ten years, which is staggering. It seems like it’s doing something right, as it’s striving in basically everything that it’s doing.