Samsung Internet Now Has An Optional Bookmarks Bar

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According to a new report by XDA Developers, the Samsung Internet browser is getting an optional bookmarks bar. The Samsung Internet browser is one app, which is used by many users.

Samsung’s One UI is considered to be one of the best custom UI provided by OEMs. Although it comes with a few bloatware, the feature-rich Samsung browser is the one app that many users want to install on their smartphones.

The Samsung Internet browser is customizable and has a speedy Chromium base. The browser recently received a few up-gradation like a Chrome-style tab grid and new privacy functionality.


Cut to now, it is getting an optional bookmarks feature. This feature is found on many popular desktop browsers. And it is good to see this feature arriving for a mobile browser.

Notably, Samsung Internet Beta 14.2, which is available via the Google Play Store, brings this new optional bookmarks bar. It means that you can either view the bookmarks bar in the web browser or you can completely hide it.

This newly introduced Samsung Internet bookmarks bar is available for both Android smartphones and tablets.


The optional Bookmarks bar is a great addition for tablets and Samsung’s DeX desktop mode

We believe it could not be that useful for smartphones, as there is very little real estate to include the bookmarks bar. However, for tablets and Samsung’s DeX desktop mode, this feature would be handy.

You simply need to hold down the bar to add the current page to bookmarks, or create a folder or even edit in the bookmarks manager.

Besides, to access this new Samsung Internet Bookmarks bar feature, you can enable it from the browser’s menu. Tap on Settings, then open the Appearance menu.


Under the Appearance menu, you will find the Show bookmark bar option. Do note that there are no options to customize the bookmarks bar. But we hope Samsung at least brings the option to show the site’s icon on the bookmarks bar.

You can also add a page to the bookmarks bar by tapping the star-shaped button on the left of the address bar. Personally, I depend a lot on bookmarks and this feature is a nifty one to have on my smartphone.

If you want to experience the new bookmarks bar feature, then you need to download the Samsung Internet Beta version 14.2 from Google Play Store. Else, you can wait for this feature to materialize for the stable channel.


samsung internet bookmarks bar