Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Plus With UWB To Release On April 16

samsung smarttags plus uwb

The upgraded version of Samsung’s SmartTag Bluetooth tracker, the Galaxy SmartTag Plus, now has a release date. Notably, as per a report by The Verge, Samsung will launch the Galaxy SmartTag Plus on April 16.

Samsung released the SmartTag Bluetooth Tracker earlier this year. And within a few months, the company is already back with a souped-up version of the object tracker.

FYI, these SmartTag tracking devices are meant to let users track all the connected Galaxy products, in case they misplace them.


Although both the Samsung SmartTag Bluetooth Tracker and Galaxy SmartTag Plus help you find connected Galaxy devices, there is one noticeable improvement on the latter.

The Galaxy SmartTag Plus features UWB, which stands for Ultra-Wideband Radio. This new technology makes it more efficient and accurate in tracking nearby devices than the standard Bluetooth tracker.

Moreover, the new Galaxy SmartTag Plus also enables a new AR Mode, which shows the missing object’s exact location in augmented reality.


Do note that in order to use the Galaxy SmartTag Plus, you need to have a compatible UWB-equipped Galaxy phone, along with the SmartTag Plus (obviously!).

You can simply place these tile trackers to the objects of importance that you often forget and later track them when needed.

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Plus will be available for $39.99

Due to the usage of UWB (Ultra-Wideband Radio) technology, the cost of the Galaxy SmartTag Plus is also $10 more than Galaxy SmartTag.


Notably, the price of the Galaxy SmartTag Plus with UWB will be $39.99. But that is acceptable because, with the SmartTag Plus, you will be able to track your missing devices with high accuracy.

As far as the compatible Galaxy phones are concerned, there is an official list that includes the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, Galaxy S21 Plus, Galaxy S21 Ultra, and the Galaxy Z Fold 2.

Aside from the new UWB, there is nothing new in SmartTag Plus. Overall, it is a nice tracking device for people who have a habit of misplacing things often.


It is similar to Apple’s feature called Find My Network, which makes use of iPhones and iPads to create a Bluetooth network to track the location of Apple devices.

Well, this also makes Samsung the first OEM to bring AR-compatible UWB tracking device in the market, going ahead of the long-rumored Apple AirTags.

Apple is also expected to release AirTags soon. But there is no release date yet, and all we have is just speculations and rumors.