This Galaxy S22 Ultra Concept Has An Under-Display Camera, Flat Display

Galaxy S22 Ultra concept DBS Designing

A new Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra concept has surfaced online. This one comes from DBS Designing, and it’s quite interesting. This phone not only resembles the Galaxy S21 Ultra to a degree, but is a design improvement in several ways.

This Galaxy S22 Ultra concept features an under-display selfie camera

The device not only features an under-display selfie camera, so there’s not display camera hole here. It also includes a flat display, instead of a curved one. That is what most people seem to prefer.

You will also notice six cameras on this smartphone. Five of them are included on the back (plus a large, unknown sensor), and one on the front (under the display). Its rear camera housing is still an extension of the phone’s frame, so it’s made out of metal.


A periscope camera is included

The company’s branding is visible on the back, while the phone’s Type-C USB port sits at the bottom. You will notice that one of the phone’s rear-facing cameras is a periscope unit. The camera bump on the back is not that pronounced, by the way.

The designer also envisioned an S Pen stylus for the device. That stylus is shown in the video, though the phone does not come with a stylus dock. So, it does support it, but it’s not envisioned to ship with it.

The power / lock button is placed on the right-hand side of this phone. Above that power key, you’ll notice volume up and down buttons. Those are the only physical keys on the phone.


This design is shown in a YouTube video which has a duration of almost two minutes. You can check out the video below, as it’s embedded below the article.

The real Galaxy S22 Ultra is expected to arrive in Q1 2022

Now, the Galaxy S22 Ultra is not expected to arrive until Q1 2022. If the company plans to stick to its new release cycle, it will launch in January. If not, you can expect it to arrive in the second half of February.