Galaxy S22 Ultra May Utilize A Huge 200MP Camera Sensor

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Hands On AH 2

Samsung may include a huge 200MP camera sensor inside the Galaxy S22 Ultra. This information comes from China, as two well-known tipsters suggested it will happen, though Xiaomi has been mentioned in the mix as well. The news has been relayed by IT Home.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra may feature a 200MP camera with 0.64um pixel size

Both Digital Chat Station and Ice Universe suggest that may happen. The camera sensor that Samsung may use is rumored to arrive with a 0.64um pixel size, and Xiaomi is reportedly included in the mix, and could utilize that sensor as well. That’s basically everything we know about it at this point.

To make things even more interesting, it’s worth noting that Samsung itself teased a 200MP camera support last month. The “Samsung Exynos” Twitter handle shared that teaser, along with mentioning a smartphone with six cameras.


Do note that this is not set in stone. Samsung has been working on a 200MP camera sensor for a while. That does not guarantee that the Galaxy S22 Ultra will feature it, but it sure is possible.

The Galaxy S21 Ultra features a 108-megapixel HM3 camera sensor, and that unit is actually kind of great. It’s a huge improvement over its predecessor, and Samsung may be looking to take the next step forward.

The Galaxy S22 series is not expected to arrive until Q1 2022

The Galaxy S22 Ultra launch is nowhere near, though. The phone is expected to launch in Q1 2022, along with the Galaxy S22 and S22+. We’ll see many rumors and leaks before that happens, and it’s too early to know anything for sure.


It would be nice to see a 200MP camera included, of course, presuming it’s good enough. It would be interesting to see how large the camera island would be because of it, though. The Galaxy S21 Ultra features a rather large camera island on the back as it is.

The Galaxy S22 series is also rumored to be a part of Samsung’s partnership with Olympus. Samsung is allegedly looking to partner up with that Japanese camera company. Many smartphone OEMs did something similar. Huawei partnered up with Leica, OnePlus with Hasselblad, Vivo with ZEISS, and so on.