Samsung Developing New 5G Radio Technology Improves Mid-Band 5G

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News of Samsung developing New 5G Radio technology was announced by the company itself today April 1. According to Samsung, the new tech will double bandwidth support for its mid-band portfolio. This will help operators to reduce hardware needs. Which will in turn simplify 5G rollouts.

The new technology will also include Massive MIMO radios as well. All of this will help operators drive cost-effective 5G deployments which will make 5G more accessible to us consumers.

The new radio tech from Samsung will expand its support to the 400MHz range which is double the 200MHz currently supported. Being able to use less hardware on the operators’ part will help them minimize the number of radios required. This will help as they manage spectrum in various deployment scenarios.


This even includes when an operator owns non-contiguous frequencies within 400MHz of bandwidth. Operators will also be able to use this solution for RAN sharing. This is where operators actively share network infrastructures with other operators through joint deployments.

One big advantage of the focus on the mid-band boost is what mid-band 5G offers. Mid-band frequencies offer a balance of wide coverage, high speeds, and low latency. As a result of Samsung’s new radios, operators will be able to accelerate their 5G mid-band spectrum rollouts.

“We are proud to develop new solutions that can help operators drive deployment efficiency by minimizing hardware changes and reducing installation costs—even as they expand their spectrum range,” said Dong Geun Lee, Vice President and Head of H/W R&D Group, Networks Business at Samsung Electronics. “Through our technical expertise and industry-leading 5G capabilities, we’re excited to continue delivering innovative 5G solutions that will bring more benefits to operators and their customers.”


Samsung developing New 5G Radio technology will speed up 5G deployment

These new wideband solutions, including Massive MIMO radios, will be available in early 2022. This may seem far away, but any chance of 5G becoming widespread quicker is a win for everybody.

Samsung has been focusing on more than just this one innovation in mid-band 5G support. Samsung also announced its Mobility Enhancer. The Mobility Enhancer is a new AI-based technology from the Korean smartphone giant. The AI improves beam performance in its Massive MIMO radios, which potentially increases the throughput by up to 30% in mobility environments.

Samsung has become a successful pioneer in delivering 5G end-to-end solutions including chipsets, radios, and cores. Via research and development, the company will drive the industry to advance 5G networks.


This is great news for techies and normal consumers alike. The industry has been pushing 5G phones heavily. Almost every flagship and mid-range smartphone have 5G built-in, but now it will be more useful soon.

When 5G smartphones first began popping up there was little to no 5G coverage. When a user did find themselves in 5G covered areas the speeds could be lackluster. As long as Samsung continues its research, the promise that companies first made surround 5G will be here soon.