Samsung Debuts New Perks For Galaxy Z Premier

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Since launching the Galaxy Fold in late 2019 (for the second time), Samsung decided to launch “Galaxy Z Premier” which is essentially a premium customer service program for those that buy its foldable devices. Not only do you get preferred customer service, but you also get a number of other perks.

And today, Samsung has announced that there are some new perks coming to Galaxy Z Premier.

What’s new?

According to Samsung, Galaxy Z owners now get a complimentary 12-month FoundersCard membership. This was already available, but for six months, so it has now doubled to a full year. The FoundersCard is a private membership club that is designed for entrepreneurs and provides all kinds of different benefits across business, shopping, travel, fashion and much more.


Galaxy Z Premier members can also get an exclusive item from a Michelin Star restaurant shipped directly to their home. First, this will be Two-Star Restaurant DANIEL in NYC. Chef Daniel Boulud will create an exclusive desert box, which features his signatures Madeleines and Canale, which was previously only available to those dining at DANIEL.

This is just the latest from Samsung and how it is trying to make foldables more accessible for users. Remember that it did lower the starting price for the Galaxy Z Fold 2 earlier this month. It is now $1799, versus the $1999 original price. But if you have a device to trade-in, you can get it for as low as $999.

Samsung says that Galaxy Z Premier has become a bit selling point for its foldables. In fact, Samsung has touted that the Galaxy Z Premier webpage on their site, is the most visited page after a customer buys a foldable. Whether that is the Galaxy Z Flip or Galaxy Z Fold 2. Which is rather impressive, but not surprising. There are over $1,000 worth of perks available in Galaxy Z Premier.