Samsung Collaborates With Olympus For Upcoming Smartphone Camera

Galaxy S20 FE Camera

Samsung is considering teaming up with Olympus to work on its next smartphone camera, reports suggest.

Samsung has a long-lasting reputation for making camera sensors used in smartphones. Moreover, Samsung LSI is currently producing some of the best camera sensors in the world, and it is even closing the gap with Sony with its 29% revenue share in 2020. But collaborating with other brands is always welcomed.

The news about Samsung and Olympus partnership first appeared on Weibo by the famous tipster Ice Universe. Dates back to April, another source on Twitter shared some information about Samsung’s imminent partnership with a camera brand, and he stated that it is not Zeiss, Leica, or Hasselblad.


Olympus is one of the best camera brands in the world with a lot of expert knowledge about cameras. We still don’t know which company has taken the initiative to offer a partnership suggestion. Some sources claim that it was the Olympus that offered cooperation. The Japanese manufacturer is likely looking for a place in the smartphone camera market.

Suppose the news about Samsung and Olympus partnership comes true. In that case, we will likely witness one of the most powerful cameras ever developed for smartphones. A special edition of Galaxy Z Fold and Samsung S22 Ultra are two possible hosts for Samsung and Olympus joint products.

Samsung’s partnership with Olympus can enhance its smartphones camera quality

The smartphone OEMs mostly cooperate with camera brands to use their technology and knowledge to improve their camera quality. Among the first OEMs, Nokia started an extensive partnership with Carl Zeiss to develop sensors for its Lumia smartphones.


Other smartphone manufacturers like OnePlus, Vivo, and Huawei cooperate with camera brands like Carl Zeiss, Leica, and Hasselblad.

However, Samsung has enough expertise in developing cameras for smartphones, and it is even selling sensors to other manufacturers. Now, Xiaomi is using a Samsung-made ISOCELL GN2 sensor in its Mi 11 Ultra. The result of Samsung and Olympus corporation may be visible in color tuning and image processing.

Of course, cooperating with a famous camera brand can’t be a valid reason for the inevitable success of a smartphone camera. Moreover, there are failed experiences, and even some smartphone OEMs use the name of well-known camera brands to entice customers.


Anyway, we need to wait for more announcements by Samsung and Olympus about their partnership. We hope it does something with camera quality on Samsung smartphones and lead to a better user experience.