Samsung And The White House Combining Forces To End Chip Shortage

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As many know the pandemic has taken a toll on the semiconductor business. Samsung and the White House along with other chipmakers and manufacturers are looking to solve the supply chain shortage according to SamMobile. The chip shortage is still causing multiple industries to struggle with keeping up with production.

Samsung Note fans were disappointed when news broke that the company would not be releasing a Galaxy Note 21 this year. The global chip shortage is one reason for this. To try and combat this shortage affecting supply chains the White House will hosting a meeting.

According to Reuters, the meeting will be on April 12. Both chipmakers and car manufacturers will be attending. Outside of the smartphone market, the auto industry is suffering from shortages as well which has slowed auto production around the globe.


The U.S. government has been planning on how to solve this shortage for a while now. Earlier this year news of the President using an Executive Order to help was announced. Although Samsung has not officially announced its participation, the company has been named as a participant in multiple reports.

Samsung and the White House could be a partnership that will end the chip shortage

Samsung will not be the only big name to be attending. Other participants will include General Motors and GlobalFoundries. The Biden administration is looking to solve this by asking chipmakers to build new production facilities here in the United States.

The chipmakers will receive incentives in doing so. Samsung is already in the works of investing in ramping up its own chip production. The company is also in the early stages of setting up a $17 billion chip plant in Austin, TX. With this in mind, it is no surprise that Samsung will be a valuable player in solving the global chip shortage.


Samsung’s announcement that the Galaxy Note 21 will not be getting a release this year is a letdown for many. But the company’s Galaxy S21 is trying to alleviate that sting. The Galaxy S21 Ultra is able to use an S-Pen as the Note series can as well.

The Note 21 isn’t the only victim of this global chip shortage. Computer the auto industry is suffering, and as demand for laptops and other electronics increase other manufacturers are struggling.

According to Reuters the current chip shortage stems from a few different factors. These factors include factory shutdowns, high demand for consumer electronics, and sanctions against Chinese tech companies.