Roku Express+ & Chromecast With Google TV Both Gain HDR10+ Certification

Google TV Chromecast 2 AM AH 1

Both the new Roku Express Plus and the Chromecast with Google TV have gained HDR10+ certification. Making them both really great and inexpensive options for watching 4K HDR content.

Paramount Plus is also adding support for HDR10+, which will work on both of these devices. Among many other streaming devices on the market right now.

HDR10+ hasn’t been widely adopted, yet

HDR10+ is the latest HDR standard, and it hasn’t yet been widely adopted by the industry. But that will change in the coming months and years. So it’s good to see both Google and Roku making their devices future-proof, with support for HDR10+.


It will work on select apps on the Chromecast with Google TV. This includes Paramount Plus, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video. That list will expand as more streaming services opt to support HDR10+.

Google also works with it on the Play Movies app, but Roku is actually new to the HDR10+ party. In fact, the Express Plus (which was just announced recently) is the first Roku device to get HDR10+ support. But it definitely won’t be the last. Roku does plan to upgrade all of its HDR10-capable devices to support HDR10+ in the future.

It’s important to note that while HDR10+ is available on these two devices, it won’t make a big difference unless you have a TV that also supports HDR10+. Most newer Samsung and LG TVs do support HDR10+. But if you have an older TV, you likely don’t have HDR10+ available on your TV. But let’s not forget that your next TV will likely have HDR10+. And your streaming device will be ready for that.


This is a big deal for Chromecast and Roku customers, but they likely won’t notice a difference right away. Unless they have a HDR10+-compatible TV, and are watching content that is supported by HDR10+.