You Can Now Officially Repair Your Own HTC Vive VR Equipment

AH 2019 HTC Vive VR Wireless 07

Owners of HTC Vive VR equipment can now reportedly repair it on their own. That’s thanks to a new partnership between the OEM and the self-repair guide gurus at iFixit. HTC announced the new partnership via its company blog, alongside a reason for the sudden shift.

According to HTC, its goal is to ensure that users aren’t forced to third-party sellers for parts to repair their Vive VR. Specifically, if something goes wrong with their system and they happen to be out of warranty. Or looking to repair a system that HTC no longer sells.

So which HTC Vive VR systems can you repair?

The list of available repair components from HTC and iFixit is, summarily, extensive. The latter company, of course, offers up guides for repairing the various components for the original Vive. As well as the Vive Pro, the Vive controller, and the Vive Pro Eye. The only hardware that no guide is presently offered for, is the far less modular Vive Cosmos.


And, in keeping with the partnership, HTC is allowing replacement parts for those systems. Including the VIVE CE and VIVE PRO headsets, VIVE Wireless Adapter, VIVE Tracker. For instance, it’s offering a controller lanyard for $3.99, replacement foam pads for $19.99, and headphones at $59.99 for the Vive audio strap. The power adapter for the link box, conversely, is $19.99. The Vive Wall Mount, for another example, costs $17.99 while the Vive Headphone Screws cost just under $5.

When can you start buying the parts?

As of this writing, HTC only lists one region where parts can be purchased. And those are purchasable via the iFixit site itself. More directly, only HTC Vive customers in North America are presently able to purchase the parts. There’s no word yet as to when or even if the companies will join up to offer parts in other regions. There’s also been no announcement as to whether future Vive products from HTC will get the same treatment.