The Redmi Gaming Phone Will Make Its Debut In One Week

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The Redmi gaming phone is close to making its debut. Based on a new post over on Weibo, the Redmi gaming phone will debut in just one week.

The new device will be Redmi’s first in the space, but won’t exactly be targeting the same consumer group as brands like ASUS with its ROG Phone 5 Ultimate. Redmi is a sub-brand of Xiaomi and generally targets the entry level and mid-tier markets. So expect this device to come with a more budget-friendly cost.

Officially it will be labeled as the Redmi K40 Gaming Edition, and will feature a Dimensity 1200 MediaTek chipset. It’s also going to come with some gaming specific features that you don’t see very often if at all.


The Redmi gaming phone will debut on April 27

According to the Weibo post, the Redmi K40 Gaming Edition will have its announcement in exactly one week, on April 27. Like most gaming phones that are already out on the market, the K40 Gaming Edition will come with a game mode.

In addition to optimizing the device for gameplay, enabling game mode will also enable a pair of LEDs that surround the rear camera array. Users will be able to enable the game mode by sliding a dedicated switch on the side of the phone. Making it extremely easy to get the most out of the phone possible for playing games. Sliding the switch back the other way then turns game mode back off so the phone can save on resources. And thus battery life.

Stay in the game and gain control with shoulder buttons

Redmi is keen on giving players every edge it possibly can with this new device. Whether that’s with a 144Hz refresh rate display or with fun features like the shoulder triggers found on the side of the phone.


Both features in fact will be present on the Redmi K40 Gaming Edition. And as one would have it both are becoming more and more common with gaming phones. Ever since ASUS introduced the AirTriggers with the original ROG Phone, most brands coming out with a gaming mobile device has added them in one way or another.

The difference with something like the K40 Gaming Edition is that it’s going to be targeted at budget buyers. And that means a more affordable gaming phone for the masses, without having to compromise by giving up certain features that make the phone more fun to use.

Redmi K40 Gaming Edition Phone