Budget Brand Redmi Plans To Release A Gaming Phone In 2021

Purple Redmi Logo DG AH 2020

Redmi, the brand that is synonymous with budget devices, is making a gaming phone. When you hear the words gaming phone, you likely tend to think of brands like ASUS, Black Shark, RedMagic, and even Lenovo now, but not Redmi.

Since its beginning, the company has been knee deep in entry level handsets both on price and on hardware. Slowly transitioning to offering flagship devices that come in at a lower price point. So as to stick with the initial idea of offering consumers affordable devices as much as possible.

It would seem that Redmi plans to do the same thing here. But with a gaming focused approach.


The Redmi gaming phone will make you an offer you can’t refuse

The details of Redmi’s new direction come from the company’s general manager, Lu Weibing. Who posted about the upcoming device on Chinese social media site Weibo.

Weibing states that the phone will be offered at a price point that consumers cannot refuse. Which suggests that the device won’t be very expensive and will likely undercut a lot of the other options out there. That will come at a cost though. Redmi won’t be using top of the line hardware like the Snapdragon 888 mobile platform from Qualcomm.

Instead, the gaming phone will use the Dimensity 1200 chip. Which is MediaTek’s new flagship silicon that will be used in a wide range of more affordable handsets this year. Starting with Redmi. The company also plans to use this chip in other devices.


According to Lu Weibing, the Dimensity 1200 is a 5G chip that offers upgrades in performance, 5G, AI, and more. But it’s still a more mid-range chipset.

Redmi is focusing on Esports this year

Redmi doesn’t go into much detail about the device or when to expect it, other than sometime in 2021. It does however mention that this year will have a big focus on Esports for the brand. And that the gaming phone will be the company’s first. So there’s likely a plan to release additional gaming phones in the future.

It’s clear that Redmi wants to tap into the mobile gaming market. Where other more established brands are already set up. But Redmi has an opportunity here. To grab consumers who want a gaming phone but can’t afford or don’t want to pay for the currently available options.


As most of them are quite expensive. The most affordable so far has been the RedMagic 6, which is still priced at $599 for the base version. Costs only go up from there. With Redmi’s gaming phone, chances are that consumers will be able to spend even less and still get a gaming-focused device with actual gaming features.

Redmi doesn’t mention anything about release dates, specific price, or region availability.