PUBG: New State Is Getting Alpha Tests Within The Next Few Months

PUBG New State 3

Earlier this year the team behind PUBG announced that it would be making a new game called PUBG: New State, and now a general time frame for the alpha test rollouts has been confirmed.

During the initial announcement, tests for the game were mentioned, but only with a release window of “sometime this year.” This morning though, Krafton Inc. stated when players could expect to see alpha tests hit their region.

PUBG: New State is expected to see alpha rollouts sometime within the next few months. However players shouldn’t be too excited just yet. As there are no details given about where these tests will take place.


PUBG: New State alpha tests will begin in Q2 2021

This isn’t a very detailed description to go off of, but Q2 has technically already started. So that means within the next few months, the testing phase for the game will start.

Krafton Inc. says that alpha tests will roll out “in select regions.” Albeit without mentioning any regions specifically. One thing that’s important to note here though, is the use of the word “tests” and not “test.”

This probably means that there’s more than one test planned. Or, that multiple regions will be included in the testing phase. What seems the most likely is that there will be both. Multiple regions are likely to be included in the test, but it’s just as likely that there will be more than one test.


Krafton and PUBG Studio have stated that more details on the tests will be coming. So not too far in the future players should expect to learn what countries will be included in the tests, and when they’ll start.

Over 10 million players have pre-registered

The other big detail with today’s announcement is that the game has no passed 10 million pre-registrations. This means that pre-registrations have doubled over the course of a month.

Back on March 5 Krafton and PUBG Studio announced that over 5 million players had pre-registered to get access to the game when it launches. So it seems that excitement is still very high for this upcoming battle royale title.


More impressive is that this doesn’t included any pre-registrations for iOS, only on Android. So over the over the coming weeks and months that number is likely increase a whole lot more. Those who pre-register will get some special in-game rewards. However pre-registration will not necessarily guarantee you access into any alpha or beta tests that pop up.