Pixel 6 Will Feature Google's First Smartphone Chipset

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It’s been on the rumor mill for years, that Google was planning to make its own chipsets, a lot like how Apple has been making its own for the iPhone for almost a decade now. And it appears that the Pixel 6 might be the first smartphone to use a Google-made chipset.

This is going to be the GS101, Whitechapel chipset.

9to5Google uncovered a document which references Whitechapel – the codename for the chipset. It is also referenced with “Slider” which has been seen with the Google Camera app. Internally, Google is referring to it as GS101, which is likely Google Silicon.


It also appears to be directly connected to Samsung. Which makes it seem like Samsung will be developing the chipset, and that the GS101 could have some commonalities with Exynos. It also wouldn’t be surprising to see Samsung actually manufacturing the chipset, like it does for Qualcomm.

What does this mean for users?

If Google is making this chipset, it means that the Pixel 6 could be one of the smoothest smartphones on the market, when it launches in the fall. As Google would have control over literally everything in the Pixel 6. All the way down to the chipset. Allowing for Google to really optimize the entire thing.

That’s a big reason why Apple started making its own silicon for the iPhone, then the iPad, Apple Watch, AirPods and now Macs. It allows them to control the product cycle (particularly when it comes to Mac), then having to wait for Qualcomm or Intel to put out new Silicon.


Like Apple, Google is not new to making chipsets. It has been making its chipsets for its cloud servers for years, and has been doubling-down on that as well. Though jumping from server chips to smartphone chips is a big deal, it’ll be interesting to see how this plays out.