OPPO May Introduce A Portless Smartphone Concept Soon

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According to the information from a well-known tipster, OPPO may be working on a portless smartphone concept. This information comes from Digital Chat Station, who shared it on Weibo.

What’s interesting here is that this phone allegedly supports wired charging. Some of you may wonder how can it support wired charging, if it doesn’t have any ports? Well, that part is not explained, but there is a way.

OPPO may introduce portless smartphone concept with “special structural design”

What the tipster did mention is that the phone will offer a “special structural design”, based on a Google Translate translation. What comes to mind is something along the lines of Apple’s MagSafe tech.


In other words, the phone may use magnets in order to align a charging cable with charging pins that are embedded in the phone. Apple’s MagSafe charging is considered to be wireless, though, so OPPO’s solution will be somewhat different. It will probably be faster as well.

That phone also has an under-display fingerprint scanner, allegedly, and an under-display selfie camera. Its back camera setup is hidden thanks to electrochromic technology that OnePlus showed a while back. Its camera lenses basically become black when not in use.

Pressure-sensitive buttons will also be included

The device is also equipped with pressure-sensitive side buttons, claims the source. That’s basically all the information that Digital Chat Station shared thus far.


It’s hard to deny that this phone sounds interesting. We can’t help but notice that the word ‘concept’ has been mentioned. OPPO already announced a rollable smartphone concept last year, but unfortunately, that phone is nowhere near being available to purchase, despite the fact it’s a functioning device.

If OPPO ends up announcing this portless smartphone, we do hope that it will be made available to consumers soon after launch. Still, that ‘concept’ tag probably means it won’t happen, but we’ll see. We do not know when this phone may be announced, so we’ll just have to wait and see.