OnePlus Nord SE Could Have Had A Comic Style Design

OnePlus Nord SE leaked retail packaging

This here is a story of what could have been. There were once rumors of an OnePlus Nord SE which would have been a special edition of the original. Many people may know by now that it will not be given a chance to grace the smartphone world. But had it been given its 15 minutes of fame it may have been a hit.

OnePlus mentioned the existence of this device before so it truly is not a secret. However, courtesy of AllRound PC we know that the device would have had an AMOLED display with a dual punch hole camera. The punch hole would have been up in the left corner just like the base model would have had.

Over on the back, there would have been a quad-camera setup with an LED flash similar to the original as well. Where things begin to differ is the OnePlus Nord SE would have had a specially designed background image and cover.

Since the device is not getting a release, it is unknown what the design of the back glass is. However, it appears that OnePlus was heading in a “comic style” direction for the overall aesthetic.


The OnePlus Nord SE would have fit in with other editions

That isn’t too crazy considering OnePlus has worked with Lamborghini in the past to create a specially designed version. And who can forget the Cyberpunk 2077 OnePlus edition? Despite the dumpster fire that was Cyberpunk 2077’s game launch, its OnePlus special edition looks amazing.

Knowing the companies history with special editions and experimental designs makes it harder to swallow knowing the SE will not available. The OnePlus Nord is a solid addition to the OnePlus family and could use a special edition design.

But, sadly the universe has deemed its existence should remain a myth. This myth could have been a reality. It would have cost €499 EUR which would have been about $586 USD. For that amount, prospective buyers would have gotten a device with 12GB of ram and 256GB of internal storage.

The base OnePlus Nord is upgradeable to a max of 12GB/256GB configurations too. But, for an extra €130 EUR over the base max configuration, you would have gotten a cool comic design.


It is hard to put a price tag on good style. At least that is what some people say. Of course, the people who say that tend to have a bank account that can easily buy a $2000 smartphone.

For those of us on a more modest budget that extra money may have been a deal-breaker. With that in mind, it is actually no surprise this special edition is not coming to market.

With its existence relegated to the smartphone myth, users will have to use their imaginations. Take a look at what could have been.

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