OnePlus Ditching File Dash In Favor Of Google's Nearby Share

AH OnePlus 9 Pro Nearby Share

OnePlus has decided to utilize Google’s ‘Nearby Share’ feature, while ditching its very own ‘File Dash’ file transfer solution. File Dash feature was available in the OnePlus File Manager, but it’s no longer there, at least as far as the OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro are concerned.

OnePlus confirmed it’s ditching File Dash in favor of Nearby Share

Following that discovery, OnePlus got contacted, and the company offered an explanation. OnePlus confirmed it’s ditching File Dash, “In order to provide more seamless file transfer experience among Android devices”.

OnePlus explained that users can go to ‘Settings’, and then click ‘Google’. From there, click ‘Device Connections’, and select ‘Nearby Share’ in order to transfer files. If the device you’re trying to transfer to does not support Nearby Share, you’ll need to look for other solutions.


Now, many of you probably don’t even know what File Dash is. It’s a peer-to-peer fast wireless transfer feature. It allowed users to transfer files using the built-in File Manager app on OnePlus smartphones.

That feature did not require you to have a Google account, or anything of the sort. You didn’t even need a OnePlus smartphone in order to receive files shared from File Dash. In other words, the feature was quite useful.

File Dash was a part of OnePlus smartphones since 2016

That feature was with OnePlus smartphones ever since late 2016, when it arrived to the OnePlus 3. What’s interesting is that the feature is still available for the OnePlus 8, 8 Pro, and 8T users who are on the latest update of OxygenOS.


That feature will go away in future updates, though. Google’s Nearby Share is a great replacement, as long as both devices support it, and many of them do, at least many of the newer ones.

Google is constantly improving Nearby Share. Group transfer support is coming soon as well, so it has a bright future, it seems. OnePlus wants to streamline the experience, and many would consider this to be a good move.