New Android TV Homescreen Coming To The NVIDIA SHIELD TV

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9to5Google is reporting that SHIELD TV homescreen ads may be on the way. SHIELD TV is NVIDIA’s take on an Android TV box. The reason for this change is that NVIDIA may adopt Android TV’s new homescreen. Nobody likes advertisements, so this is unfortunate news.

When Google updated the Android TV homescreen it added in a new “cinematic highlights” tab. This new tab gives viewers advertisements for shows or new movies to watch. Originally NVIDIA’s SHIELD TV did not add this new row.

Not having these homescreen ads was a big advantage compared to competitors like the Fire TV and Roku. When a user buys a product they generally do not expect to see extra advertisements. Of course, the companies have to ensure they continue to make money. So as a business move, it makes sense.


NVIDIA’s SHIELD TV has gone a long time without adding any homescreen ads. The product was even able to avoid adding them when Google released a “stopgap” measure for Android TV devices. This “stopgap” gave Android TV devices a “Discover” tab which added content recommendations similar to Google TV. If you are a user who owns the new Chromecast then you know what this looks like.

SHIELD TV homescreen ads could be on the way thanks to updated homescreen

NVIDIA’s kept the SHIELD TV homescreen ad-free for a long time. Well, good things come to an end, unfortunately. See, this week a screenshot of the Play Store listing for the NVIDIA Games app got leaked showing SHIELD TV running Android TV’s latest homescreen.

Because of this adoption of the new Android TV homescreen it seems like ads will be on the SHIELD TV’s homescreen. Of course, this is unfortunate for anybody who wants an ad-free experience.


The official Play Store listing does not have the image anymore. But as with most leaks there are screenshots that are floating around the internet. However, even with the possible addition of the new Android TV homescreen things aren’t all bad.

The new update redesigns how the Android TV homescreen looks. The new update removes the left sidebar which is where “Apps”, “Play Next”, and other apps lived. The updated homescreen now has a “Discovery” and “Apps” tab which was absent on the old iteration.

Despite the incoming updated homescreen, the SHIELD TV is still a solid Android TV Box. It sits on plenty of lists as one of the best ones available on the market. So, it is still a good buy. And if you already own one your experience will still be good. But, now you will just have some extra ads on your homescreen.