Now iPhone Users Can Get "A Little Taste Of Samsung" On Their Browser

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Samsung has come up with an innovative idea that is developed to attract iPhone users in buying their products. Apparently, as per a report by MacRumors (via The Verge), Samsung has released a new website that gives iPhone users a first-hand experience on its Android world.

Moreover, iPhone users need not install any application in order to enjoy Samsung’s world of Android. In fact, this can be done simply from the mobile browser on iPhone.

Samsung is calling this website “Samsung iTest” and it is meant to give iPhone users “A little taste of Samsung.” When you open this website, it states a message which says, “You’re really close to being able to sample the other side.


Notably, Samsung has created this test website to allow iPhone users to experience the open-source nature of the Android world and that too of Samsung’s.

When the website is visited on an iPhone, it prompts the user to add it to their home screen. After this, the shortcut then runs a Samsung Galaxy device simulation within the browser itself.

As noted by MacRumors, this website seems to be the work of Samsung New Zealand.


Though the experience is limited, it is a brilliant piece of marketing

If you are thinking to experience a full-blown Samsung Android set of features, then hold your horses! The website is designed to market all the goodies Samsung packs on its Android devices and make it reach iPhone users.

Personally, I am quite impressed by this brilliant piece of marketing from Samsung. Opening the camera app on the website using an iPhone, automatically plays a video. Here, influencer Logan Dodds describes the Samsung camera app features in the interface.

Similarly, opening other apps on the home screen markets Samsung phone’s features to the iPhone user. To top all this off, there are text messages and even fake phone call features.


A couple of Easter Eggs are also hidden if you dig deeper within the website. There is a “Friends with kids” contact inside the text message app, which sends back a gibberish message whenever you send a message.

It gets a bit interesting and under the Settings menu, Samsung has taken a dig at Apple. Opening the Settings app shows a tooltip message that reads, “We’ve simplified the settings menu experience, just so our developer could have a lunch break.

While the website is directly accessible on the iPhone, if you visit the Samsung iTest website, it shows you a QR Code to scan with your iPhone.


samsung website for iphone