New Toys From Android In 2021

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It’s time for discoveries of Android products of 2021. There are quite a few – phones especially. We will cover three of the best upcoming and recently released devices of this year. As you may already know, Android specializes in various technologies; watches, tablets, mobile phones – all of which are touchscreen devices. Which, by the way, are incredibly sophisticated and are almost a perfect match with iPhone products in terms of quality. Many may argue that Android beats iPhone in certain aspects.

Whether you agree with this opinion is entirely up to you, but checking out the upcoming gadgets is worth it – regardless of your preferences. You may learn something new or simply get a better perspective on the perks you’d like to have on your future device. After all, technology is advancing at an immense speed; better things will keep turning up on the shelves faster and faster. No reason to miss out on the miracles of the dynamics in this niche!

Samsung Galaxy S21

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We had the pleasure of welcoming the Samsung Galaxy S21 this January of 2021. It’s an expensive toy, as the lowest price is currently at $799/$1,199, depending on the GB availability. And although this may seem like an over-the-top cost, the perks you get to take advantage of speak for the numbers. Besides, it’s cheaper than the last version! The model could be mistaken for an iPhone from a distance but has some solid and distinguishable features that are pretty refreshing.

Front appearance

The screen is spread out across the entire device and stops right at the edge of the sides. The rounded corners make the Galaxy S21 look smooth and slick, despite the mammoth size – which happens to be the same size as Galaxy S20. Regardless, it fits in the adult’s palm perfectly, and one can operate the phone using one hand with total ease.

The aesthetic of the flip side

Turning the phone over, you will see some interesting details, such as the three cameras aligned vertically on the back’s left top corner. You may have noticed on other electronic devices that the camera is typically exposed and will get easily scratched if placed on rough surfaces. This time around, you will have a built-on border that will create a protective barrier between surfaces and the three traffic light-type cameras.


The camera frame (let’s call it that) differs in texture and material, being much glossier than the matte back cover. It’s a nice contrast and adds to the attractive, modern design of the Galaxy S21. Not much more to it, just a simple led flash on the right side of the cameras (outside the border) and a nonchalant SAMSUNG logo located closer to the bottom of the device. It looks so sleek; you may not even want to put a protective cover over it.

What’s beneath the surface

The attractive Flat 120Hz display as large as 6.8-inches isn’t the only thing attracting many to Galaxy S21. There’s a fingerprint included, which makes the usability effortless when signing into, not to mention that it works much better than other Android devices. The layout is minimalistic and has just enough contrast for apps and tabs quickly spotted without throwing off a design’s eye candy.

It’s hard to notice with the naked eye, but the resolution had a bit of a snip since the last model, not 1080p rather than 1440p. Don’t let that throw you off because it’s not much of a difference, and each detail on display appears to be just as intricate. Also, this will eliminate the need to lower the resolution when trying to use 120hz.



The speed and performance are magnificent on the Galaxy S21 – all thanks to Snapdragon 888, the chip inside the device responsible for making electrical signals. Apps on the device seem to open immediately; the layout itself makes the navigation smooth and straightforward.

There aren’t many significant differences to notice unless you’re utilizing the Galaxy S21 to the max. In this case, it’s essential to remember that you will only have 8GB of RAM, rather than 12, which, as you can imagine – won’t be quite as powerful. However, you can still run multiple applications with ease without any noticeable lagging.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra AH 11


The Galaxy S21 Ultra model simply one-ups the regular Galaxy S21, it is a bit bigger, a tad bit more loaded, and even has an extra camera on the back. It’s worth checking out!

Sony Xperia 1 III

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This cosmic-sounding model has been released in April, 2021. Sony Xperia has a brand-new look and some perks that may change the game for future Android products. The available photos reveal the device’s pleasant face, which looks like a cold, thin, black ice block. In other words, it seems as if it will be rather satisfying to hold. This design isn’t exactly new, but it’s more updated and sheeny. The price is expected to be a hair over 1,000$, and the experience looks promising!


Front appearance

There are no rounded edges on Sony Xperia 1 III, as the Gorilla Glass screen comes to a thin frame and a 90-degree halt. This may be an advantage, as many users have suffered from damaging the rounded corners – plus finding protective covers to allow for those spilled-over edges will no longer be an issue. The phone includes 6.5” display, which is the same as the last model. The phone is, however, a bit heavier, weighing 186 grams. And if you haven’t seen it, it looks like an iPhone that grew taller and lost a little weight on the sides. Tall guy!

Let’s flip it over

As futuristic as the back side of the Sony Xperia 1 III looks, it lacks that minimalistic, sophisticated feel. Something about it seems almost sporty and much more masculine. In other words, it seems like it won’t take any damage if dropped if you catch the drift. Don’t get any ideas – that is probably not the case. The cameras don’t look like they had much of an upgrade, but it’s still neatly aligned in a vertical line, including the flash! One downside here is that it doesn’t appear as if there is any significant protection for the camera, so make sure to look for a case before purchasing the device.

Unlock the screen

From what’s been gathered, the quality will truly shine through the 1644 x 3840 display resolution, just as the last model – Sony Xperia 1 II. The aspect ratio also hasn’t changed as it still sits at 21:9. One significant difference is that now the refresh rate is 120Hz rather than 60Hz, which should be somewhat noticeable. The chipset has also been upgraded to Snapdragon 888 – but many won’t notice this since Snapdragon 865 was working at lightning speed anyway.


The storage remains the same as the previous model with a tweak in the RAM, now available in 12 GB instead of 8 or 12 GB. The side-mounted monitor sensor hasn’t been altered – so that detail remains just as convenient from the last model. One detail that will stand out is the battery, which has been upgraded to a 4,500mAh unit. Now you will have a longer-lasting battery, and the phone will charge even faster!

OnePlus 9 Pro

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March 2021 was a special month for Android, as the OnePlus 9 Pro had attracted an immense amount of attention. Despite the bulky-ish-looking design, users have reported a great deal of satisfaction with the product, and it’s not hard to see why. You get what you pay for, and in this case, you will have to pay at least 1,000$ depends on the version.


First encounter – the face

The wide-spread Gorilla Glass 5 screen provides excellent protection, and easy functionality. Plus your fingers can glide across the screen with ease, and it actually feels rather nice. It’s a 6.55” screen, which is pretty massive – everything will be seen clear as day! Reading and scrolling will be nothing short of smooth sailing.

The front screen is located at the top, left corner of the screen, and is embedded in the display, rather than a black bar you would usually see on top. It may feel a bit off-putting, but nothing you can’t get used to if you like having a larger display.

Unlock me!

The colors, as well as the contrast between them, are pleasing to the eye – thanks to the HP Plus Resolution. Expect speed, and take advantage of being able to switch from 120 Hz all the way to 1 Hz, which is something you couldn’t do on the previous model, nor on the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. And if you haven’t seen the other models – you may enjoy the display function, where you can see the date and the time while the screen is locked.
You can also expect a long battery life and won’t have to charge the device for too long.

The sensitivity on OnePlus 9 Pro is simply incredible due to the hyper-touch enhancement engine. You will notice responsiveness unlike any other, which will allow you to feel as if you are one with the device. This feature is perfect for apps that require a lot of clicking, such as best Australian mobile casinos or have many tabs that need to be switched constantly.

What’s on the back?

Grab some glasses – the back of the OnePlus 9 Pro is extremely shiny. It looks like a block from a wall of a metal elevator, and the reflection could easily make your eyes squint. Many love this look, but it doesn’t look as professional as the matte backs on OnePlus 9 pro. It also lacks durability compared to some other Android models – but it’s still pretty strong and shouldn’t crack or dent easily.

The telephoto camera grants you a 50MP ultrawide angle lens as well as an 8MP telephoto lens that allows for a mind-blowing 3.3x optical zoom. The Hasselblad optics make the OnePlus 9 pro a strong competitor among many other cameras on smartphones today. In simple words – your photos and videos will look like they have a natural filter applied, making the results more life-like. You can zoom in better than ever, and the resolution will remain high-quality.

Once again, we see a lack of protection where the cameras are embedded, and this will require you to get a case if you don’t want unpleasant surprises – which you should get regardless. Some other details you’ll find on the back are the boxed in 1+ symbol, which seems to throw off the luxurious look, and HASSELBLAD written in small text in the middle of the cameras and the flash.

Let’s wrap it up

One thing we can’t deny is that Android is improving and innovating at an impressive speed. Now we have new devices coming out several times a year – not just annually. There are many more devices that will blow your mind, and it’s hard even to imagine what’s in store for the future. You can know for sure that the company will never stop creating products that will become more and more in sync with how we – humans function. We have access to now is nothing short of marvelous and deserves some attention and respect.

Even today, you can find an Android device that tends to nearly all of your needs as a mobile device user. There are no limits to technology – and the limitations we face now are nothing but challenges that will be tackled with time.