A Slew Of New Telegram Features Just Arrived

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The popular communications platform, Telegram, has a few goodies for its users. According to a blog post from the company, there are a handful of neat and useful features that just hit the platform. These include some cool tweaks and additions.

The new Telegram features include a Payment 2.0 feature

With Payments 2.0, vendors can accept payments from any chat. Not only that, but they can natively accept payments from a list of eight different third-party payment providers. These are Stripe, Sberbank, Tranzzo, Payme, CLICK, LiqPay, ECOMMPAY, and Yandex.Money. What’s also neat is the fact that you can add tips to the transactions.

Viewing media has been made a bit better

You can now rewind and fast-forward video playback. For iOS, you press and hold the “+15s” or “-15s” options to fast-forward or rewind. For Android, you simply hold your finger down on the left side of the screen to rewind, and the right side to fast-forward. Whether this is better than the double-tap method that we see on YouTube will most likely be a matter of opinion.


Viewing pictures also got a little bit of a perk. If you wanted to zoom into a picture, you would have to tap on the image to open up the photo viewer, then pinch to zoom. Now, you can just pinch the image without having to tap on it.

There are Mini profiles and scheduled voice chats

Some of the more interesting features include the mini profile viewer. If you are in a voice chat, you can take a quick peek at the profile of the users that you’re speaking with. You tap and hold the users’ profile, and a mini preview will pop up, letting you look at their profile picture and see their bio.

With the mini profiles feature, you can even change your profile picture and bio. What’s neat is that you can do this without leaving the chat.


Next is the scheduled voice chat feature. You now have the option to schedule a voice chat to happen at a later date or time. You’ll see a countdown for when the chat will actually happen. You also have the option to get a notification when a chat will happen. The chat won’t happen automatically, however, The admin will have to press the “Start Now” button.

Along with these new Telegram features, there are two new web apps

Just a few weeks ago, Telegram previewed two new web apps that improved on their outdated web version. Telegram still hasn’t quite given a concrete reason as to why they went with two apps, but they are both available. There are some major UI tweaks and added features. Read more about these apps here.

These new Telegram features are taking some time to reach the Play Store. Google stated it’s “currently experiencing longer than usual review times due to adjusted work schedules.” Android users can download the actual APK file.