New Microsoft Webcam & USB Speaker Have Been Announced

Microsoft Webcam and Speaker 1

Microsoft has just announced a pair of devices to help people and businesses hold meetings. According to The Verge, a Microsoft webcam and speaker have just been announced for an upcoming release. These devices will play well with Microsoft Teams.

These devices are pretty basic, but that’s just enough for their intended purpose

The webcam is not much to look at, but it’s decently specced. It records 1080p video at 30 fps. What’s neat is that the video is HDR. The 1080p video lags behind the 4K webcams that one can buy, but it’s for the purpose of holding meetings. A major feature that this webcam has is the LED notification light that lets you know when the camera is recording- which is essential if you care about protecting your privacy. If you want to take it a step further, there’s a shade that blocks the lens altogether.

The USB-C speaker rounds off this productivity power pair. It, like the webcam, is simple and unopposing in its design. This is used for larger meetings where multiple people have to hear the other party. It has a mute button along with the volume buttons and a call/pick-up button. There’s also a dedicated Microsoft Teams button for easy access. Everything about this speaker screams “business only use” but it’s possible to use the speaker for music and media consumption.


The webcam will cost $69.99 when it launches, and the speaker will set you back a hefty $99.99. Microsoft hasn’t indicated any bundle discounts if you buy both devices. These two items are slated to launch on June 5th.

This is a move to help people in these complicated times

‘The ongoing situation with the Coronavirus has created the “work from home” age that we’re currently in. Microsoft is one of the companies that’s helping to make things easier on companies and workers who had to turn their living rooms into home offices. Google implementing Google Meet into Gmail is another example of this.

Microsoft is providing relatively inexpensive devices for fans of the Microsoft brand. They should also play well with Microsoft’s software. Providing unified and elegant solutions to help people keep in touch is one of the things keeping businesses afloat over the past year.


Not to be outdone by the Microsoft Surface Duo, the upcoming Microsoft webcam and speaker should be a very useful addition to the professional life of any business owner or worker who is struggling to survive in these hard times.


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