New Google Meet Update Brings Welcome And Fun Features

google meet features

Over the past year and a half, Google Meet, and other video call platforms, have gotten a bit more attention. Based on a recent blog post from the company, a new Google Meet update is in the works. The large update will bring some much welcome and fun changes to the platform.

There are some major UI changes and additions to make life easier for the users

Firstly, you will have the ability to pin and unpin tiles. The tiles could be other peoples’ windows or a presentation. You’ll be able to move and resize the windows. Say you have a presentation, but after it’s done, you can resize the presentation and interact with the other users for the rest of the meeting. Or you can highlight a specific speaker by making their tile bigger than the others on your screen.

You will also have the ability to resize, reposition or even completely hide your own video feed. On the post, Google stated that people feel less tired and concentrate better when they don’t see their own feed. Whether that’s true or not, users can figure it out for themselves.


The new Google Meet update will enhance your video feed

Google will use artificial intelligence to enhance how other people see you. Firstly, if the software detects that you are underexposed, it will automatically boost the brightness of your feed. We’re not sure if Google will use any AI trickery to adjust the brightness or if it’ll just be a simple exposure boost. It’ll be tough because many folks probably use low-quality webcams or the cameras that come on their laptops. It may be hard to enhance intrinsically low-quality or noisy video feeds.

As for the fun stuff, Google will be adding fun backgrounds. There will be actual videos that will play in the background while you’re speaking. These will be to help mask out your surroundings- which will be helpful for those with messy homes. There will be three backgrounds to start: a forest, a classroom, and a party.

Google will help you save costs on data

The last major feature is for those who like to use Google Meet on the go. Google will launch “Data Saver.” This will limit the data usage when you are on your mobile data. This will most likely boil down to restricting the video feed to 480p or lower. With the data saver, folks who are on limited data will save on data costs. Google hasn’t said whether you would be able to toggle the service.


These changes are set to start rolling out in the following weeks. If you think this new Google Meet update will enhance your video calling experience, Google Meet is free through June via Gmail. Now is the best time to get on board!