New Fire Tablets For Kids Are Here With A Refreshed Design

Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids

According to Business Wire Amazon has some new Fire tablets specially made for kids. The new Fire Kids Pro and Next-Generation Fire HD 10 Kids tablets will keep your kids happy and entertained. The new tablets have their differences and one of those is the ages. The Fire Kids Pro is for kids between 6 to 12. While the Fire HD 10 Kids tablet is for kids between 3 to 7 years of age.

But you may be wondering what else separates the two tablets. Starting with the Fire Kids Pro it is affordable and comes with a one-year subscription to Amazon Kids+ That subscription will give kids access to content like premium entertainment and educational content.

Kids will even be able to play games like Teen Titans Go an Asphalt 8 or read books like Keeper of the Lost Cities and Chronicles of Narnia. Content from National Geographic, Rabbids Coding, LEGO, and more will help your little one learn as well.

The new tablet will also get access to a digital store that will allow kids to request apps like Disney+, Spotify, Minecraft, Zoom, and more. Once the kids request these apps the parent will be able to approve them and allow them to be downloaded. This is a good way to make sure the kids do not download something they do not need.


The Amazon Kids web browser keeps the idea of keeping kids safe by giving them “open but filtered access to the web.” This access is for school projects and online curriculum. Parents will have tools that will let them control what sites their kids can and can not visit.

Kids will be able to stay in contact via voice and video with any contacts that their parents have approved. By using Wi-Fi the Fire Kids Pro tablet can contact a safe list of contacts.

Kids can even let their parents know when they are finished with their homework by using the tablet to make an announcement via Alexa-enabled devices. For the kids who love music, there will be access to iHeartRadio Family for kid-friendly music.

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The parental controls that come included will let parents keep their kids’ digital consumption under control. From monitoring screen time, setting daily goals, setting age filters, time limits and more grownups will be able to keep the little ones safe.


The tablet also has a “grown-up look and feel”, but comes in a fun case with fun color options. When it comes to the updated next-generation Fire HD 10 Kids tablet has 12-hour battery life. It also has a USB-C port for charging. Thank goodness it doesn’t have a Micro-USB like some electronics do.

It also has a 10.1-inch HD display, fast performance, and a kid-proof case. That case comes in Sky Blue, Aquamarine, or Lavender. The case also has a built-in kickstand that does double duty as a handle. It also has Amazon Kids+ and a two-year warranty included.

The Fire HD 10 Kids is a version for the younger kids. Once they grow up and become a bit more mature parents can upgrade them to the Fire Kids Pro. The Fire Kids Pro has a 7-inch model that will cost $99.99. There is an 8-inch version that will run $1339.99, and a 10-inch version for $199.99.

If you already own any Fire Kids tablets you can upgrade them to the pro version. By doing so you get a 20 percent discount which isn’t a bad deal. Lastly, the new generation Fire HD 10 kids will run you $199.99. But you can get a 30% discount if you buy two at the same time.