The Mobile App Development Trends Defining The Industry In 2021

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Mobile apps are gaining speed and are evolving faster than anyone ever thought possible. With new mobile app development trends appearing all the time, programmers can experiment with technologies and create amazing applications.

These applications are quickly finding their way into operating models, business models, online marketplaces, and everywhere in between. As the market keeps growing, the apps keep evolving and reaching new levels of technology. Here are a few development trends you can expect to see in 2021.

1. Instant Apps

Google Play Instant has created a stir on the market because it allows users to start using applications or games without any downloads or installation. As all of the processes are operated from a cloud, developers have more freedom when creating apps since they don’t use any space on mobile devices.


We will soon forget about the clutter, unnecessary apps created on our phones, and everything we use will be, well, somewhere else. Google is making a huge push towards instant apps with new features aimed at Android app developers. The rules are changing, and we’re yet to see the final results.

2. APM and EMM

Both APM and EMM are becoming more important during mobile app development as they help reduce slowness. As the number of apps keeps growing, ensuring that they work fast and stable is crucial. Users today want a responsive app that meets their expectations. Another application where APM and EMM play a major role is in improving data exchange between devices.

3. 5G Technology

There’s been a huge debate over 5G technology all over the world in the past few years. Contrary to the popular conspiracy theory that it’s designed for mind control and whatnot, 5G is a significant step forward when compared to 4G. It offers much faster speeds and a performance that surpasses 4G by a lot.


5G is able to reach speeds up to 100GBPS, and all apps based on this technology will make a drastic performance shift on the market. Many of them will be applied to businesses to improve overall performance.

4. Chatbots

Although some chatbots have been around for years, the final push towards full digitalization has made them more popular than ever before. Businesses and apps from all over the world started using chatbots to interact with customers and find solutions to their problems. Chatbots can be applied to many different industries, especially eCommerce and food delivery.

They also present an easier way of communicating with customers using mobile devices. The automation features allow bots to quickly address each potential customer, which helps improve the entire operation and help growth.


5. Android Apps Architecture

Google keeps providing guidelines and introducing new features designed to improve Android app practices. The idea is to create apps using the latest architecture and have a positive effect on performance. These architecture components act as a stable base for future apps. Developers can now build apps with simpler codes unique to every application. With advanced tools such as Docker registries, teams of developers can collaborate with each other seamlessly.

The new Android app architecture is designed to help the entire developer community by allowing them to build more stable apps. The best part is – this is just the tip of the iceberg.

6. Augmented Reality

AR and VR are already available for years, but it’s only now that developers are looking for ways to bring them to a whole new level. With the use of AI, AR and VR will quickly become much more immersive and realistic. The latest technology designed for improving AR is called VPS or Visual Positioning Service, and it helps emulate visuals around every user. That means that the future of AR will blend virtual reality with your real environment perfectly.


7. Blockchain

Blockchain technology is currently the leading branch in a few different industries. It’s still new to many companies and businesses, but it’s soon going to evolve into a very capable and popular solution. As the blockchain and consortium architecture keeps improving, new blockchain mobile apps will become available on the market. Some estimations say that blockchain apps will reach a 20 billion mark in less than four years. Blockchain apps are growing so fast; there’s no way of telling where things will go.

Bright Future

With so many android development trends that happened in the past few years, it’s hard to say where things will go in the future. All current practices will open up new doors, leading to new technologies and opportunities in the future. That’s why app developers have to limit themselves from implementing all ideas and focus on perfecting only a few of them. One thing is for sure; this year is going to bring some huge advancements in the way we use Android apps.