Microsoft Edge Now Lets You Share Tabs Between Windows & Android

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Microsoft Edge is borrowing another handy feature from Google Chrome – the ability to share tabs between your devices. If you have multiple devices signed in with the same Microsoft account, you can send tabs from one device to the other and continue browsing.

This feature will come in handy in situations like when you’re reading something interesting on the web on your Windows PC and have to suddenly move out for some reason. You can simply send the tab to your phone and continue reading on the go. No need to use favorites/bookmarks or visit browsing history to access the same web page on your mobile device. Of course, you must have the Edge browser installed on your phone and signed in with the same Microsoft account as your PC to use this feature though.

Much like Google Chrome, tab sharing will work both ways on Edge as well. This means you can send tabs from your PC to your Android phone or other Windows devices and vice versa.


To share a tab from your PC, you simply have to right-click on the link or tab and select “Send link to [your device name]” from the pop-up menu. A list of your devices signed in with the same Microsoft account will appear. Now select the device you want to send the link to. You can also access the feature directly from the address bar.

Microsoft Edge share tabs

Meanwhile, sharing a link from your phone to your PC will require you to first tap on the Share menu on the navigation bar. You can then select the “Share to my device” option.


If you send the link to your phone, it will arrive as a notification with the page name, link, and the name of the device it is shared from. Similarly, if you send the link from your phone to your PC, it will arrive in the Windows Notification Center. Clicking on the notification will open that link in Microsoft Edge.

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Microsoft Edge is getting neck-and-neck with Google Chrome

Microsoft Edge shares a lot of core functionality with Google Chrome because both are Chromium-based browsers. However, the former lacks some useful features that can go a long way in improving the user experience. The ability to share tabs between devices is one such nice-to-have feature. While Chrome had this feature since 2019, Microsoft Edge lacked it all this while. It’s now catching up.


First spotted by Windows Latest, this tab sharing feature is currently in testing and is available in Microsoft Edge Canary 92. It should roll out to users publicly in the coming weeks.

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