These LG Smartphones Will Receive Android 12 & Android 13 Updates

LG Wing AM AH 4

LG recently confirmed that it will provide up to three years of software support to its select eligible phones even after exiting the smartphone market. We now have the names of the LG smartphones eligible for Android 12 and Android 13 updates. Check them out below.

LG Smartphone modelAndroid 12Android 13
LG WingYesYes
LG Velvet 5GYesYes
LG Velvet 4GYesYes
LG Q92YesNo
LG V50SYesNo
LG V50YesNo
LG G8YesNo
LG Q31YesNo
LG Q52YesNo

Along with this, LG has also shared the expected Android 11 rollout date for some of its devices. The Korean firm has already pushed out Android 11 to a few models, including the LG Velvet 5G and LG V60. The company has now started testing the new software for a handful of other models. The LG G8X will receive the Android 11 update next, followed by the 4G-only Velvet, LG G8S, LG Wing, and others. Check out the full list below, as shared by LG Germany.

LG Smartphone modelExpected Android 11 rollout dateStatus
LG G8XQ3 2021Testing
LG Velvet 4GQ4 2021Testing
LG G8SQ4 2021Testing
LG WingQ4 2021Testing
LG K52Q4 2021Testing
LG K42Q4 2021Testing

Note that this timeline is specifically for LG smartphones sold in Germany. However, LG Korea has also revealed the names of several other devices that will get Android 11 (via KBench). Those include the LG V50S, V50, Q31, Q51, Q52, Q61, Q70, Q92, and Q9 One. We don’t have a tentative Android 11 rollout date for these devices though. Moreover, devices in the LG Stylo series should also be eligible for the Android 11 update, though none of them feature in these lists.


LG reveals the names of its smartphones eligible for Android 12 and Android 13 updates

Since LG announced its exit from the smartphone market earlier this month, there were concerns among LG smartphone users regarding software support for their devices. To address those concerns, the company last week announced that it will provide up to three years of Android updates to its eligible models.

The Korean firm said that premium phones launched in 2019 and beyond, including G series, V series, Velvet, and Wing, will get three major Android OS updates while some lower-cost Stylo and K series phones will get two major updates, without revealing the names of all eligible models. It has now gone on to reveal the names of eligible models as well. If you own an LG phone, rest assured that you’ll get the software support you were promised at the time of purchase.