LG Rollable & V70 Premium Smartphones Won't Launch: Official

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LG has now officially confirmed that the LG Rollable and V70 won’t launch. The company’s representative said as much to Android Authority, confirming what we expected already.

LG announced that its mobile business is shutting its doors quite recently. That confirmation came a couple of days ago, as LG Mobile will completely cease its operations by July 31.

The LG Rollable & V70 won’t launch at all, it’s official now

Two of the company’s premium phones did leak out both before and after that announcement. We’re talking about the LG Rollable and LG V70. The first handset was supposed to become the company’s first rollable smartphone. The second one is a direct successor to the LG V60 ThinQ, the company’s flagship that launched last year.


Based on the provided information, all operations regarding those two phones have ceased. LG does plan to continue updating its existing phones. It claims that a number of phones will get Android 11, and some even Android 12. But it won’t be launching any new phones.

This turn of events was expected. It would be odd to see the company release new phones following the announcement it does not plan to manufacture smartphones any longer.

LG Mobile has been a huge part of the mobile market in general, but it lost its way years ago

LG Mobile has been a huge part of the mobile market for a long, long time now. The company has been suffering operating losses since 2015, and it decided it’s time to close its door. LG did try to find a buyer for its mobile business, but it didn’t have any luck doing so.


This is especially sad to hear as the company launched an exciting project for smartphones a while back. The LG Wing was the first phone that came out of that project, and the LG Rollable was supposed to be the second.

OPPO did announce the OPPO X 2021, as the world’s first rollable smartphone, but that is only a concept phone. The LG Rollable was supposed to be an actual device that consumers can purchase.