Lenovo's New Gaming Phone Just Lost Its First Duel

Lenovo Legion Phone Duel 2 9

This morning Lenovo announced the Legion Phone Duel 2, and already it’s been subjected to a durability test courtesy of the JerryRigEverything YouTube channel.

In the beginning things seems fine, but by the end, things did not go well for the Legion Phone Duel 2, as the durability test shows. Durability tests like these aren’t necessarily representative of how the phone will hold up in real-world situations.

Not entirely at least. Scratch tests for instance are entirely viable. Because there are going to be plenty of opportunities for things to scratch up your phone display. Whether it be keys or coins in your pocket, or any number of other things should you stuff it in a bag.


But you’re probably a lot less likely to end up in situations where you try to bend your phone in half. That isn’t to say it can’t happen accidentally, though. All that said, the Legion Phone Duel 2 definitely holds up in some areas but not others.

The glass on the front-facing camera for instance is surprisingly scratch-resistant.

Legion Phone Duel 2 durability gets put to the test

Without mincing words, the Legion Phone Duel 2 does not fare well against intense pressure. Namely in the middle of the phone. Where it gets bent in half and cracks.


The issue is the antenna lines. On both the right and left sides of the phone there are antenna lines embedded into the metal frame. These antenna lines are not made of metal like the frame is. So this unfortunately allows for an easy breaking point on this particular phone.

When things are all said and done, the device snaps at this point on both sets of the antenna lines. So while you won’t be trying to actively bend the phone like in this video, you may want to be careful about how much pressure you’re putting on the device.

This is likely to be more of an issue for anyone who gets particularly mad during heated gaming sessions. Especially since the build of the device is setup to where you naturally hold it where those lines are.


Duel with other players, not with your phone

The big takeaway here is that anyone considering the Legion Phone Duel 2 should be a little more careful with how they handle it.

The phone is a gaming powerhouse in terms of hardware. And with it, you’ll be able to face off against other players in your favorite mobile games without braking a sweat. But you may break your phone if you don’t keep your cool or if you’re careless with your stuff.