Lenovo Made Some Bold Design Choices With The Legion 2 Pro

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If you thought the design on the Legion Phone Duel was bold, wait till you see the design for the Lenovo Legion 2 Pro, which has just recently surfaced in a leak.

It’s unclear if these designs are final, but considering how close Lenovo is to announcing the Legion 2 Pro, there’s a decent enough chance that the leak is accurate. If so, then Lenovo is by no means trying to hide the fact that this is a phone made for gamers.

Which is also a very big difference from devices like the Black Shark 4 Pro. Which looks a lot more mainstream and low profile in terms of its “Gamer” design. Even the ROG Phone 5 takes more of a subtle approach. But not Lenovo. Not with the Legion 2 Pro.


Lenovo designed what is, functionally, probably a very powerful smartphone. And it wants the world to know it.

The Legion 2 Pro leak reveals the pop-up side camera is here to stay

Leaked images of the device, or what appears to be the device, have been shared on Weibo. A social media website. And they reveal that the side pop-up camera is making a return. While the images don’t show the camera popped up, you can tell it’s there.

The middle section on the back of the device clearly has a subtle gap between it and the rest of the phone’s frame. Suggesting that it slides up. And if it’s anything like the Legion Phone Duel, then it’ll be controlled by a button in the Legion dashboard that you can access during or before gameplay.

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Lenovo is likely using dual batteries again

Judging from the split between the top and bottom sections of the device, it seems Lenovo is once again using two batteries. Lenovo has confirmed that the phone’s battery capacity would be 5,500mAh this time around. Compared to the 5,000mAh battery on the Legion Phone Duel. It’s also implemented a cooling fan just below the Legion “Y” logo.

How impactful will this be? It’s tough to say. Phones like the ROG Phone 5 Ultimate come with a fan attachment. And while the fan isn’t embedded in the phone itself, it does actually work. Helping to lower the internal temperature of the phone enough to notice.

So its entirely possible that the Legion 2 Pro’s fan will have the same effect. You can also see the phone has two rear cameras. Just like last time.