Here's How Much Battery Power You'll Get From The Lenovo Legion 2 Pro

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The Lenovo Legion 2 Pro hasn’t officially been announced yet but little by little, specs like the battery power and a couple of other details have started to leak out.

One of the latest details about Lenovo’s upcoming gaming smartphone is the battery. Specifically the battery capacity. According to a post on the official Legion Phone Weibo account, the Lenovo Legion 2 Pro will have a fairly large battery capacity.

It won’t be any larger than most comparable devices, but it will be larger than Lenovo’s own previous gaming device. The Lenovo Legion Phone Duel. No doubt Lenovo has come to the conclusion that it needs just a little more battery life in its second gaming smartphone. And most fans of the original device may very well agree.


The Lenovo Legion 2 Pro will have a 5,500mAh battery

The Legion Phone Duel had plenty of battery life for anyone who plays games. And even more for people who don’t play as often. Though, that might not be anyone who has the Legion Phone Duel because why buy a gaming smartphone if you don’t plan to play mobile games quite a bit?

At 5,000mAh, the Legion Phone Duel was more than equipped to handle longer gaming sessions. But Lenovo is increasing that with its upcoming device. Bumping the battery capacity up to 5,500mAh instead.

On top of that, the phone will have a 90w fast charger. So even if you are able to drain the battery fast, you can charge it up quickly. Which might be more important than the battery capacity to some users. Lenovo confirmed both of these details in its Weibo post with a teaser image, which you can view below.


Some of the other main specs are still unknown

Lenovo may share a few more specs details over time, but most of them will officially be revealed with the phone’s announcement.

Potential buyers of the device still don’t know how much RAM or storage will be available on the device. Lenovo has given out a few other key details though. For example it’s already confirmed the screen size and refresh rate. The Legion 2 Pro will have a 6.92-inch 144Hz display.

Which puts it on par with the ROG Phone 5, RedMagic 6, and others. The phone will also be using the Snapdragon 888 mobile platform. Which was to be expected given that every other major gaming phone this year is using it as well.


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