Instagram Rolls Out New Tool To Combat Abusive DMs

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Instagram has adopted stricter ways to tackle abusive DMs (Direct Messages) and comments. Instagram has come up with a new tool and this newfangled feature is designed to help public figures and celebrities filter out abusive Direct Messages.

On April 21, Instagram announced a set of new tools on its official blog. The company is also trying hard to tackle abuse and hate speech on its popular photo-sharing app.

In line with that, the company introduced stricter penalties to target those who send abusive DMs. Moreover, Instagram launched a new tool that enable users to automatically separate out Direct Message requests.


These also include offensive emojis, phrases, and words. The update coincides with the social media platform’s work to combat harmful and unwanted DMs.

Addressing hate speech and abuse on Instagram

In February, Instagram announced that it would disable accounts of users who repeatedly send abusive and bothering messages,The Verge reported.

Aside from that, the offensive comments filter also automatically began filtering out harassing comments about appearance and character in 2018.


Toggling the message requests filter on and off is not complicated. You can go to the “hidden words” section of the app and do it without breaking a sweat.

Messages that are offensive will go directly into a different folder when the requests filter is turned on. The folder conceals Direct Messages.

Users can browse messages without actually reading them and delete or report simply by tapping into a message. Instagram teamed up with “leading anti-discrimination and anti-bullying organizations” to make a preset list of phrases that may be offensive to some users.


On top of that, you can even customize the list based on what the users do not want to see.

Protecting users from unwanted contact

Already blocked users on Instagram will not be able to send you a message from a new account. You can block their account, and as a preventative measure,you can even block new accounts that person may create.

This is a significant addition to Instagram’s harassment policies. Instagram already restricts people from repeatedly sending DMs to someone who doesn’t want to hear from them.


Combating offensive comments

Instagram adopts a proactive detection technology to detect violating comments. It provides a slew of tools that help to control and also monitor abuse in the comments section.

Instagram users with a public account can allow comments only from their followers and people they follow. The social media platform will also hide common misspellings of abusive words from the users’ manual comment filter lists.

Moreover, the company will ensure that users do not end up seeing undesirable words, which may be intentionally or accidentally spelled wrong.


Instagram will also work alongside public figures, creators, teens, experts, as well as industry organizations to keep users safe from online abuse and harassment.