Ikea And Sonos Have An Artistic New Product In The Works

IKEA Sonos Lamp official

Who doesn’t like Ikea? Well, The Verge is reporting that Ikea and Sonos are teasing new products they are collaborating on. This week Ikea made a post on Instagram mentioning the “Symfonisk” line and even shows the Sonso logo at the end. That is a pretty straightforward hint of new hardware to come.

There are two new products coming. First up is a revamped version of the Symfonisk table lamp. The pricing for the upcoming lamp is expected to be around $179 USD. This is the same price as the current model.

The lamp takes the famous sound quality of the Sonos Play:1 and adds it to a lamp. Unfortunately, the Symfonisk bookshelf speaker does not seem to be getting an update. The second product will be a new product. It will be a piece of wall art with a speaker built-in.


Other companies have done this before so it is nothing new. But, with Ikea and Sonos’ expertise, they will be able to hit lower prices with good quality. The early codename for the new product is “Titan.” As of right now there are no details on how it will work.

Ikea and Sonos team up to bring the world a new product

One thing that is really unknown is if the art itself is the speaker, or if it has a speaker that can be moved to different exterior art housings. There are two new FCC filings from the two companies, and one is for a “wireless module.”

So far the Symfonisk products are designed for a dual purpose. For example, the lamp combines a speaker with a light source. The bookshelf can hold books obviously, and it is also a speaker. All of these products are made to look normal and blend in which makes them even cooler.

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As a result, it makes sense to make art that integrates a speaker as well. This brings dual-purpose products to a different part of the home. Most walls in users’ homes aren’t just bare. So this new product makes a lot of sense.

Of course, Ikea and Sonos are not revealing when they will announce their new collaboration. Besides this Sonos is focusing on its immediate future. Sonos is focused on its recently released Sonos Roam.

Home Technology in general has seen a boom over the past year. So for Ikea and Sonos to bring both an update and a new home product is smart. Especially, because some home tech does not exactly blend in well with the home.