Huawei To Launch Three Foldable Smartphones In H2 2021

Huawei Mate X2 image 3

The Huawei Mate X2 foldable got launched earlier this year, but that’s not where Huawei plans to stop. Huawei is allegedly planning to announce three new foldable smartphones in H2 2021, according to Digitimes.

Huawei plans to launch three foldable smartphones in H2 2021, and they will come with lower price tags

The report claims that Huawei is looking to “adopt more friendly pricing” for its foldables. It wants to spur demand for foldable devices. So, all three of those foldable devices are expected to be more affordable than the Mate X2.

Digitimes also notes that global shipments of foldable smartphones are likely to reach seven million units in 2021. That will be a huge change compared to 2020 when the shipments were 2.8 million.


Huawei is planning to launch three foldables, but many other companies are planning to offer their own variants of such devices. Samsung will launch two, Xiaomi is expected to launch two more, in addition to the one the company announced already.

OPPO & Vivo are expected to launch their first foldable devices this year

Both OPPO and Vivo are tipped to release their first offerings, while Motorola will be back with a new Razr phone. All in all, we’ll see quite a few new foldable smartphones by the end of the year.

Samsung will still be leading the market, quite probably, as the company is untouchable at the moment in the foldable smartphone space. That’s not exactly surprising considering it has the most experience with such devices, and its foldables from last year are quite impressive. On top of that, it didn’t have all that many competitors.


The competition in the foldable space will heat up really soon. By the end of this year, quite a few competitors will be fighting for market share, and things will likely heat up more next year.

Foldable smartphones are here to stay, it seems. Rollable devices are also knocking on our door, but foldables are already here, and they’re getting better and better with each passing generation. It remains to be seen what will newcomers offer, though.