Huawei New Campaign Offers Additional Warranty And Free Cloud Storage

Huawei Mate 20 AH NS Logo 2019 06

Huawei has launched a new campaign for pleasing its smartphone owners and also acquiring new customers.

The ‘A Little Extra Care’ campaign by Huawei is focused on extended warranty and more cloud storage for users. From 12th April until 30th June, the Huawei customers whose phone warranty has not yet expired can participate in this campaign and enjoy an extra 6-month warranty.

The ones who buy a Huawei smartphone during the time the campaign is still live can also benefit from an extended warranty. 20% discount on spare parts for eligible customers, cleaning service, and a free display protector are other offerings for customers.


Huawei’s incentives still continue. The company has offered 50GB of free cloud storage space for three months. Moreover, customers can have VIP access to Huawei’s streaming services for music and video.

If you previously own a Huawei smartphone or recently bought a new one, you can opt for these offerings through Huawei App Gallery. Huawei has not specified precisely which phone models are eligible to receive these gifts. However, if you own a Huawei smartphone or plan to buy from this brand soon, you can try your luck to get these gifts.

Huawei’s dark days still continue

Not so long ago, Huawei was one of the top three smartphone makers in the world. This Chinese OEM was even considered a threat to Samsung and the Apple monarchy. But after the US sanctions, the bad days for Huawei started, and it’s not showing any sign of finishing. Even after Biden’s presidency, it’s unlikely that he would lift sanctions.


The US sanctions were so severe for Huawei that it was even said that the company might stop producing smartphones. Anyway, Huawei is still making smartphones, but it has lost its previous position in the market.

To compensate for the loss in the smartphone market, Huawei decided to enter new segments of the business. According to the reports, Huawei wants to act as a technology provider for pig farms and coal mines. They’re even planning to enter the EV market.

A sharp decline in mobile phone sales has also affected Huawei’s partners, including Sony. Sony hoped to sell more camera sensors to Huawei, but the sales drop for Huawei led to fewer sales for Sony too.


With cutting access to Google’s services, Huawei even started to develop its own operating system and exclusive apps. Recently, some sources reported that company is working on Gmail’s alternative called Petal Mail.